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Hello, I am going to put the items that I am creating in a sage, and those I intend to create here. Hopefully, they provide inspiration for other people, or if I have written an illegal item, people can tell me.

Item the first: The Sovereign charm of protection

This item is a charm with a magnetic (+2 rego) iron shield (+5 protection) set with jet (+2 protection). It has been opened for 12 pawns.

It is imbued with:

Ward against the mundane beast (level 20) :
mundane animals cannot touch or attack the wearer of the amulet (base 2, +1 touch, +2 sun duration)
2 uses per day (+1) penetration 18 (+9 levels)

Ward against the beast of might: (touch, diameter, individual) (level 30):
Magical creatures cannot touch the bearer unless their magic might is greater than 20.

(base 15) penetration 20 (+10) 24 uses per day (+5)

Ward mars' weapon (touch, diameter, individual) (level 20)
Items made of iron or steel cannot touch the wearer of the device.
(base 5, +2 mags for metal, +1 magnitude for touch,-1 magnitude diameter) 24 uses a day

Protection from vulcan's wrath (touch, diameter, individual) (level 30)
Protects the user from flames of lower than +20 intenstity, and increases soak against fire by 20.
(base 4, +3 for intensity, +1 diameter, +1 touch) (6 uses a day +3) penetration 4 (+2)

these all trigger when the user touches the item and says "protect me" in latin

Ward Against the Mundane Beast (Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun = Level 5 +1 lvl (2x/day) +9 lvls (+18 Pen) = Final Level 15.

Ward Mars' Weapon (Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter, +2 Metal = Level 25 +5 lvls (24x/day) = Final Level 30.

Besides level checking, I have a couple of doubts against that object.

  • Being a magnetic iron shield, how is it going to react whenever close to a metal plate, chain mail or metal weapon?
  • What do you think will happen when the Ward Mars' Weapon power activates with the shield itself, being made of iron?

I would get rid of the magnetic part (not that any worthy Verditius is going to miss that +2 for such effect levels) and reducing that Marsy power to R: Personal, T: Part, so no metal object can touch the outer side of the shield, granting a huge bonus to the wielder's defense score against metal weapons.

Also, activating all powers at once but having different uses per day is a bit odd.

Whelp, you are right and I am a moron! Might have to get that precious rego form factor from something else

Might also add a ward vs stone to stop the crystal dart and blocks being conjured over his head

I think he was referencing how almost every Verditius can hit their maximum Shape and material bonuses with their philosophy (via Verditius magic) since it is still capped by Magic Theory (p93 core). If you have a Magic Theory of 8 (a pretty high number!) you only need a Philsophae of 1 to max shape and material with shield + jet.
Added: The penetration value on the Ward vs Mundane Beasts seems only there to raise the level of it to 20, correct?
Added^2: I'm not sure what the '-1 magnitude diameter' in Ward Mars' Weapon is for, since it should be +1 magnitude for duration. Typo?

Well let's see what we can find for S/M

Verditius Runes give +(Philosophiae Score at opening)
Linden wood gives +2 protection from weapons
Lead gives +4 wards
Marble gives +5 wards
Horseshoe gives +2 wards
Clam Shell +2 protection

Check out Using Enchanted Items on page 100 of the core book for activation restrictions. Linked triggers may be needed.

I wasn't sure about linked triggers, as I asked in a previous question about them. I will think about how I can change it by adding them in.

Next device:

The stone which seeks power A small granite stone (+3 terram) is opened with 4 pawns of vis.It is inlaid with SIlver (+2 intelligo) and rowan (+1 vim).

This is a small stone which when activated moves towards the nearest collection of Vis, as long as it is close enough to be heard.

The stone which hears power: Intelligo vim (10): Give the device the ability to hear vis.
(base 1, +3 levels, +2sun)

The power of motion: ReTe (10) The device moves towards the source of vis
(base 3, +1 diameter, +1 stone) +2 3 uses a day Linked trigger +3

But vis usually doesn't make sound (or does not just for being vis), and stones don't hear!

Magic items can't use senses unless some magic gives them senses. You might have some success designing this around a magical flute or whistle using range voice in the detection, and using CrIm to create an illusion of the detected direction.

Well, damn. I even based this one off of an item in the hermetic mages book. There is an anchor there that pulls towards vis at all times. I assumed with a printed example ot was legit.


I am bad at this!

Yeah, that's not your fault. sometimes the official books have... eccentricities that sneak through.

Magi of Hermes has some controversial spells indeed.

I'd been thinking about the hearing stone. All would be fine if only you embed another power to make the stone able to hear. The easiest approach (at least for me, because I'd used that power in a lot of Magic Items) would be to share senses with the owner, or at least hearing, something like...

Borrowing Ears, InMe 34 (R: Touch, D: Sun, R: Ind)
The stone shares the sense of hearing with whoever holds it, as long is this power penetrates.
(Base 15 for reading surface thoughts, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +4 constant (+1 2/day, +3 Linked trigger))

But making it able to hear shouldn't be so difficult, Björnaer magi make things able to have senses with some ease. If blind magi can see through Prying Eyes, then maybe the stone would hear with something like this,

Hearing Stone, InIm 14 (R: Per, D: Sun, R: Special)
Just makes the stone able to hear sounds.
(Base 1, +2 Sun, +3 for special range, similar to hearing, +4 Constant).

But what definitively should work is giving your stone a nice pair of ears:

Stone with Ears, MuTe(An) 24 (R: Per, D: Sun, R: Part)
The stone grows a couple of dog ears just by partly mutating into that animal.
(Base 5, +2 Sun, +1 Part, Requisite free, +4 Constant).

I prefer this last one because you can scratch your stone's ears when it finds vis.

Thanks! I also prefer the last one because it uses arts Wulf is in any way competent at, and has a total the can instil in a single season. This was supposed to be an easy enchantment :slight_smile:

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I like the InIm because it's simple, of course. If you can one-season it, it's the cheapest option for vis. All of them do seem to work though!