The "Things we should write" thread

Since rune wizards are likely to feature extensively in my current saga, I'd love to see some rune scripts :-/

This year I'm doing monsters. I was going to do a Venice thing, but I'm so far behind on statting up the blog I'm going to solve one problem with another.

Makes sense. And feel free to re-use some of them.

EDIT: Meaning all of them, obviously!

Sometime in the last year I was thinking about this, and might try to do an interesting apprentice a day. I got this idea during my Thebes tribunal saga where the players each came up with 1-2 apprentices to be met/introduced to the new magi who were babysitting.

That sounds like a cool idea if playing in Thebes. Player magi who want an apprentice and have Tokens to spare might like to shop around.

We could actually use that:
Gotschalg's Pater has collected a few apprentices - too many in fact!
Now he's pawning a few of them off on his (former) apprentice to deal with.
Their Arts have already been opened, so that's not an issue.

Selfishly I’d love to see maps and artwork specific to Ars. I can (erratically) write characters and spells, but no talent or idea for art/maps.
I’d happily pay a moderate amount for it too.

So far that's one vote in favour of rune scripts.

The apprentices idea is a reasonable one - not every magus gets it right and finds the perfect candidate at the first attempt. In Thebes, the unloved magi with no tokens have to make do with the leftovers other magi don't want. There's room for all sorts of backgrounds so people can have magi from any family in Mythic Europe.

Rune scripts sound fun. I'd love to see some too.
I've been thinking of doing something again and one of my players is a verditius in the contrafraternity of Roland and he has suggested a writing up a magical sword each day, would people be interested in this?

After reading RoP:M carefully I designed a bunch of magic beings, that besides a bunch of dragons (we like them, we are that kind of people who thinks that sagas without dragons are like paellas without rice) include some magic items, including a few magic swords of non hermetic nature.

I already have around 15-20 of such beings, so maybe I could share them this November.

Two weeks to go!

I've checked my blog, I've done several vitkir so new rune scripts may be tricky but I'm sure I can come up with a few more as well as write up the existing ones and add some more rune magic fun. Of course, if there's a sudden surge of enthusiasm for covenant related bits (settings, vis sources, grogs, income sources) I can do one of those.

As always, is there any appetite for a shared creation of some kind?

Generally I'd say yes, but I'm so far behind on my monsters that this year I think I may need to concentrate on them. Maybe someone can tour guide through the various online resource sites? Some of the Redditors had no idea about even simple stuff like

I've queued up a series of blog posts for November with new spells in them called 30 days of magic; it won't be a post-a-day, but there is 30 or so new spells.

OK, November is under a week away. Looks like we should get a few things this year. I will leave vis sources and covenant bits for another year, and focus on expanding the Non-hermetic Grimoire.

Ugh, a week away. I need to do more stats for these whiny magical brats in my notebook. I don't wanna fall behind.

Ave sodales,

I could try to write "a folk witch a day" for that november, but could you remember me where we can post our writings ? Right in the Redcap wiki ?

You can post wherever you think people will see it.

You can post on Project redcap.

You can post it here (like [url]] Redcap items I did one year, or last year Imreai did a realia a day).

You can post it on a blog (like Timothy Ferguson will be doing with his Games from Folktales blog, or ironboundtome will do with their blog)

There are so many people writing interesting things for November!
Thanks for the ideas so far.

I'm throwing my hat (pen?) into the ring by writing story hooks based on gothic short stories. I'm posting them to my blog, ( but I probably won't be doing one a day.

Just plonk a link here so we can find it - so much great content in Nov. I’m putting time aside to read everything.

Sharing the completed posts through Nov for 80 new spells - IBT 30 Days of Magic