The "Things we should write" thread

Unless the Limit of the Soul also applies to Reincarnation; meaning it is beyond the Magic Realm to interfere. Also, I said I had some issues with handling Hinduism in-universe, (primarily because I'm not familiar enough with it to do a faithful depiction), not Timothy Ferguson.
I won't put words in the mouths of the writers.

Still, if the idea is to have different people 'claim' part of a communal project that captures our collective interests; then I second the 'Roman Tribunal 5th ed' idea.
I'm willing to take on the covenant of Literatus & the city of Bologna.

Whoop - yeah, sorry 'bout that attribution there.

40 books? Sold. I'd buy them in mere seconds. Also, 40 books sounds like a lot of material to keep 5th edition going.

What? So I'm selfish and want to keep this edition alive even though I just joined the party. Sue me. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I can see where this would be a rather daunting task to take on. Even with several authors working together, this would probably take a couple of years to put together in its entirety. And as all the authors are freelance and may have other commitments, I fully understand why this never saw the light of day. Not formally, anyhow.

How can there be more than we could use? If some is good, more is better. Again, I'm being selfish.

I agree that it wouldn't be good if you had to take entire traditions and shrink them into a sentence or two; that does no justice to what the finished product should be. Which then begs the question: Would it be feasible to make some traditions their own books?

Because I'm new, I'm going to ask the noob question here: What? Can you explain this please?

It's not so much that the magi in the books are already Chinese. To me, it's the entire area and country of China that I want to see. Covenants, religion, culture, traditions. Anyone can write up a magus and make him/her oriental. I want to see stuff on the Great Wall, and the founding of Beijing, and Confucianism. Give me martial arts and calligraphy and the tea ceremony.

Several (if not all) creatures with a Supernatural Might score leave Vis behind when they die. Magi use Vis in a lot of stuff and so are often hungry for more. Odds are good at least 1 Magi goes "hey that spirit those mundanes in the next village bow down too has power of X.If I kill it and harvest it's life essence/vis I should have enough for my experiment on X!". The bigger the might score, the more vis is left behind.

That sounds exceedingly cool...A completely different game but cool.
Seriously China is big enough it could swallow Europe. This would be like writing a whole new game. One which I'd happily buy and play mind you, but a new game nonetheless. The social norms, the medical practices, the religious practices, the mundane politics would all need a refresher for the area at least. And that is before getting into the supernatural realms & traditions. It's like all of the assumptions of Mythic Europe would apply in China at that time. European physics could not allow for the gunpowder weapons China had at the time.

I get the thing with Mytic beasts and Might scores and all. I guess my question is: How is this different from what currently happens? Timothy is asking if we want to do to the chinese what we are already doing to europeans, and I don't understand why?

I don't see how it's a new game, really. I mean, isn't the information in the Theban Tribunal enough of a variance from the "standard" in the Order that it should qualify as a new game too?

I'm probably coming off as being difficult, which I'm not trying to do. And I should probably just shut up and get back to reading all these lovely books that I have (and even more that I have to purchase first) before I start asking questions about new material and putting in my 2 cents. It's just that China intrigues me, and I can see the potential for an Asian or Oriental-inspired saga. And it's one that I really want to see happen, even if I'm not the right person to write anything or even run a saga at this point.

I have always been interested in the Roman Tribunal as it is the home of the Domus Magna of Mercere, Guernicus and Jerbiton and it is the birthplace (maybe) of Order of Mercury. So if people are interested in doing this as a joint project. I would happily write up Harco and the legacy of Mecere.

Lachie has been doing some work on Northern Italy...I've been doing some work on Sicily...

Are we kind of moving to a consensus here?

So, we need a venue. I'm good for here right now, but if we are going to work on it in our own forums, then perhaps Project Redcap would be the way to go.

Anyone else want to spring in on "Let's write Italy?"

I would like to participate and might be interested to write up Varidian's Tomb

Just to be clear: I'm in!

A book gathering Ex Miscellanea and non-Order magical traditions could be useful.

I would be interested in joining in the writing of a Roman Tribunal book- do we start from where the last one was written with a Tribunal paralysed with intrigue and over run with infernal plots, or disregard the previous sourcebook? If we start there has there been reform, and if so how successful?

Rome? Tempting!

Scrap everything.

Add back in the bits which are interesting and work for you.

That's my opinion because

a) most people can't access the sourcebook for free.
b) Shannon's a great writer, and I'm a serious fan, but he wrote this back before Google. The idea that Sicily rates mention as a barren rock where the last tribe of werewolves in Europe hangs out, for example, is now silly.
c) It was set before the rise of Frederick II, known destroyer of paradigms and official Marvel of the World.
d) Demons under every rock.
e) Systemic theme of corruption is boring.
f) THeme that magic is fading out of the world no longer works.
g) Faeries are limmerant now.
h) God works differently now.
I) We don't feel angsty about Catholics now.
j) There are more magi now.
k) Redcaps are different now.
l) Hoplites exist.
m) We have noticed magi can make money quite simply.
n) We have noticed magi can get mortal power without having to give up their souls for it.
o) This list is so long that if you red-penned the old book you'd have nothing left.
p) Seriously cool stuff is happening in Naples which is linked to the New House Tytalus and Tremere.
q) The trade republics matter.
r) The book sees the sea as a barrier, rather than a highway.
s) Nightwalkers come from here.
t) Seriously...there's more stuff than you can shake a stick at here that's just flagged as "boring, nothing to see here" that it's amazing, until you remember that we used to need to use books to write these things.

Some bastard is going to copy this list and paste it into a thread about Sanctuary of Ice... 8(

Though whomever it will be should preferbly remember to fix the name of the Author. :wink:

So, if the community is going to be diving into a full re-write of Rome - and, I'm guessing, Italy by extension - is there going to be some kind of sign-up sheet or assignment of tasks for different things to be written about? Is there going to be one person responsible for the Covenants, and another for the Magi, and another for the Faeries, and one for the Infernal, and so on? Or are people just going to write about whatever they want, submit it to a group of people, and then that group decides what gets in and what doesn't?

On the premise that someone might want to write about more than Rome, I'm going to create a new thread...

For what it is worth, that was partly my intention in the Hooks stories I wrote: they are hooks into different sorts of sagas.

I think that something like "more Hooks" would be really valuable for actual play. Also, they are quite short and self-contained --- which makes them easier to write as a community project.

Please be aware that the "Writing Rome" discussion seems to have forked to

I'm rather fluent with wiki markup, and already have an account at Project Redcap, so I think I'm good to go. I'll just have a look around to see where it might best fit, and then go ahead and start it.

Don't forget Verditius, as well, even though that is in danger of changing in light of the current Primus' (Stouritus) decission to remain in Ingasia, in the Theban Tribunal.

I would like to help, as far as I can (which will probably not be too much).

Same here.