The training of Ulrich

All the equipment that Ulrich needs to finish the lab appears to be present, once he begins an inventory Apollodorus mutters to himself, but loud enough for Ulrich to hear"Now I wonder where Iosephus is" and wanders off.

Ulrich spends the rest of the season putting the lab together, to the best of his ability, and sleeps in his master's sanctum - at least, he will consider Silviatos his master until all hope is gone for his return. He will only send a page to Apollodorus if he is absolutely stumped by what he's supposed to do next.

Other than that, he doesn't spend much (if any) time out of either place. People still intimidate him, as his whole life it was just him and his father (except for the infrequent visits to the village, when he spent most of his time hiding behind his father), and he is content to sit and watch them from a safe distance.

Apollodorus checks in twice a week to watch the progress, and advises changes. [OOC: I'm doing this and ruling in this one instance only that it will allow a lab to setup without having a negative refinement because the person doing the work has a Magic Theory less than 3].

Once all the work has been complete, he praises Ulrich, "You've done extremely well, I'm impressed with your capability for so little experience. In exchange for doing this, I'm going to teach you the art of Rego."

Ulrich pays close attention when Apollodorus speaks, and questions all the changes that he suggests. Not in a rebellious-teenager kind of way, more of a "why is it done this way and not the other" wanting to learn kind of way.

"Thank you, magus," Ulrich says with a gleam in his eye, "I'm looking forward to learning."

Everyday during the Summer, Apollodorus and Ulrich meet in the lab Ulrich had finished up. Apollodorus provides instruction on the art of Rego.
At the end of the summer, Ulrich can cast a spontaneous version of Repel the Wooden Shafts when he combines the knowledge Silviatos had taught him about Herbam and Apollodorus taught him of Rego.

(ReHe CS in the regio is 8+7+3+1+5=24. Just a bit short of an effortless Dance of the Staves, unless using cermonial casting, but that's 15 minutes of work, too.)

Just short? 24÷5=4.8. Is Casting Total an exception to the house rule on rounding, or do Spontaneous Spells have to match the desired level of effect before rounding? (Just curious...might be vital someday)

Ooo, this is throwing one of my rulings into question.
Since I hate going back on what I said (but I'm not afraid to do this if it's generally abused), I'll say it does get rounded to five. How about in a case like this we need to do a roll, to check for a botch, since not all the power is there? Sound like a reasonable compromise?

Consider he could do it without a roll if he shouts or moves his arms about with exaggerated motions.

Sounds good to of those (rare) cases where he actually has to use words/gestures to get a spell off.

I can just see him down the road (when he actually has Finesse and Quickness), and somebody shoots an arrow at him...and he just stands there with his arms crossed with this "Bitch please" look on his face as the arrow veers off wildly.


I updated the HR.

Ulrich is taught more Latin in the Autumn and Artes Liberales in the Winter.
17 xp to each. This is from the teacher, Silviatos stranded at Mons Electi.
By my reckoning those should be at 4(51xp) and 3(31xp).

In the summer of 1221...

Come along lad. Lets get something to eat while you tell me about the Magic Theory...

Ulrich will speak on his relatively meager (score of 2) knowledge of Magic Theory between bites. He seems to know a little bit more about the theories pertaining to Herbam. He also finds himself distracted by the throngs of people, especially of the feminine persuasion. In fact, he may find himself being noticed by some of the young ladies in return (due to his Venus's Blessing).

Oh, it's not just the young ladies. There are a lot of MILFs. Magas I'd like to....

So there are some full-fledged magae who would like to take a hand in his training, then? Veddy intereshtink.

More along the lines that he's getting marked for future reference...

My understanding was that Ulrich would be traveling/studying/what-have-you-ing with Korvin for the season. I, too, had forgotten that Korvin had Princeps duties. But, more than anything else, I (Fiona) was hoping that Korvin could teach the lad some social skills and how to be less awkward, maybe less embarrassing. Especially considering that Ulrich has the Sheltered Upbringing flaw, so he would need perhaps Folk Ken or Charm, perhaps Carouse, with a slight chance of Intrigue, Guile, etcetera.

It may wind up being a season of Teaching or Training, with reductions for Distractions, unless it winds up being an Adventure.

I think being involved in the story will fit with this goal.

Can we safely assume that Ulrich has been with Korvin, but had to take an outhouse break and will return to the Princeps's office momentarily?

Sure, or been taking care of some tasks for Korvin...

I doubt Korvin would be able to train him in Carousing while not getting drunk. :slight_smile:

Otherwise he can follow me around and learn Princeps duties.