The training of Ulrich

When Ulrich presents his choice for reading in 1223 he regards Ulrich calmly, "Before you become enamored of this Lockhart, you should consider the source. He's a contemporary of mine. About the same Hermetic age. To write the book he did suggests a vast amount of knowledge of magic theory, magic surpassing my own. Now consider, I spent time as an academic before becoming a magus, so I knew Latin, I knew my letters in Latin. I devoured a text written by and later became apprenticed to a brilliant magic theorist. My master and I have discussed this at length, it is unlikely that he actually wrote such a book on Magic Theory. The parts about himself, yes, he wrote those. The other part about Magic Theory is highly suspicious. You'll learn from the book. IT is my hope you learn the correct lessons."

Ulrich thinks carefully before he replies. [color=green]"Do you believe that the information, the knowledge that this summa contains is inaccurate or faulty in some way? Perhaps if we discussed what I glean from the tome, so that you can correct any failings before they take root?"

"No, not at all, it's perfectly accurate, and it's a bit more thorough that Prospero's Treatise on Magic Theory, the overall writing quality is probably equal to my glossed copy of Prospero's Treatise. Not only that, once you've read the treatise you can benefit from the years of correspondence he and I have shared over the years. Oh before I forget, what would you like me to teach you in the coming year?"

Prospero's Treatise is L5Q11 after being glossed. Ra'am has enough correspondence to count as 4 commentaries (Q13) on the Treatise. The letters are not in the library.

[color=green]"I would not mind learning about the Order, about the history and the political situations, or about the Code." ((basically OoH Lore or Code of Hermes.))

Spring 1223 sees Ulrich being taught all Ra'am knows of the Code of Hermes: Ra'am's SQ is 22.

((Well, apparently I lost what Ulrich's adult height and weight were supposed to be, so I rerolled it, and came up with 6'2", 229. Looks like he's had quite a growth spurt from 14 to 15...or maybe 13, can't remember if I updated his height and weight last time I advanced him.))

Summer of 1223 sees Ulrich assisting Ra'am on a lab project: pick exposure xp in Creo, Auram or Magic Theory.

2xp Creo. Does he also get 4xp per season exposure to Spanish?

No, just one source of exposure. You pick. Sucks for apprentices.

One evening, during the season when Ra'am is teaching Ulrich all he knows of the Code of Hermes, "Tell me Ulrich, what else would you have me teach you? I have a clear idea of what I'm teaching my daughter, but you present me with something of a problem." He regards the young man closely, "You and I are quite a like, I had several masters myself, but where we differ is that I'm giving you a measure of self-determination that I never had. Your Gift was already fairly well developed by the time you came to me, it was much as it was when I was Prospero's apprentice. I hope you realize the amazing opportunity you have before you..."

Ulrich thinks long and hard before he answers. It's not a question that he had expected to hear, and he wasn't prepared for it.

[color=green]"I hadn't really thought about it, sir," he finally replies. [color=green]"I guess I would like to learn about Silviatos's Tradition so I can try to find out what happened to him, what he had to do that made him disappear the way he did...or killed him, if that was the case. I would like to try to find out what Apollodorus was working on that cost him his life. I would like to find out why whatever's been going on outside the walls has been going on for so long, and how it can be stopped. But I also know that what I'm best at isn't very suited for that kind of thing, so I doubt that I'll be able to take care of that by myself."

He thinks a little longer. [color=green]"I suppose I want to learn all I can about Herbam, about controlling it, and creating it, seeing how it interacts with the other Forms. And as much as I can about how magic actually works. And some about the Tremere, so I won't sound like a clueless idiot when I'm with Rose. And whatever else I need to learn to be with her."

"I think we need to focus on your Arts or other Hermetic knowledge. There's only so much I can teach you, otherwise you'll have to learn it on your own, either after gauntlet or in the season I'm teaching Elizabeth."

(Are we suggesting that Ulrich join in Fiona's research of the strangely sentient plantlife here during his free seasons?)

((Fiona's or Cygna's? But, yeah, since he's an Herbam-maestro, or will be someday, I think that would be fitting. And I seem to recall mentioning that he'd be doing that already, somewhere. And not necessarily just during his "free" seasons. Maybe some Exposure when he's not doing, or trying to do, [strike]someone[/strike] something else.))

((Ulrich's seasons aren't free. It's more along the lines of a modern day University course of Independent Study within a specific field. One season per year he's taught by Ra'am, one season he pursues something of his own interest, and two seasons he's a lab slave. Now, it's certainly possible that the one season of independent study disappears if Cygna wants to take him for that season, and wants to work something out with Ra'am.

Ra'am is also in a bit of a quandary, which I hope I've expressed. He'd never intended to have two apprentices simultaneously. He could have easily done so by taking Abigail has his apprentice.))

"Ulrich, you ask of me of things I cannot give to you. I do not know Silviatos, nor his tradition. I can tell you that Apollodorus had researched the provenance of the Duresca scrolls and a less manufactured history of the Order. More than that, I cannot and will not teach you about, but this is for your own protection. We have some books on Herbam, but we do not have a Herbam expert. I can, of course, happily teach you much of Magic Theory. The rest you'll have to fill out during your seasons of independent study. I'll come up with an individualized curriculum to balance out your seasons of independent study. Provide me with a list of things you wish to pursue on your own, by the end of the week, after shabbat, and I'll develop your course of instruction with me for the remainder of your apprenticeship."

((I know that the list has already been completed, but given the wrinkle of incorporating Cygna into the mix, some rejiggering of the independent study seasons may be necessary.))

((Cygna's Herbam is only 5, and she has a Viniculture of 0(3), so it doesn't look like she'll be teaching him much, off hand. So, I guess keep the list as it is, at least for now?))

That was like, 10 years ago though, right?

No, I was looking at the current character sheet for Albion, which is the Phoenix character advanced for eight years before moving over.

So Cygna never spent any time researching the vines or Warders? (I'm not seeing the history between Phoenix and Albion)

I have it in a wp document on my hard drive. But it looks like (except for language), I forgot to give her exposure for working with them. I think what I'll probably do is re-advance her from when Phoenix ended to know, including the exposure for working with the Warders and the Vintners (and maybe a few seasons of...Practice, I guess? working with them. That should probably go into its own thread, though.