The Two Primi of House Tytalus

To whomeever was the authour of House Tytalus, I really like the internal strugle of the House.
But I must ask you, is this a direct reference to Babylon 5 and the Drazi politics to see who is the leader of their people.
"Green fight Purple, Purple fight Green"

I didn't write it, but I'm imagining that it draws from the same source, which is the battle between the demes in the (eastern) Roman Empire, which almost destroyed the Empire during the Nika Riots. (Green Fights Blue, Blue Fights Green.)

I first heard about them as a child when watching the UK version of the Tomorrow People. 8)


You are both right. The Nikia Riots were my initial inspiration, but I did change "blue" to "purple" as a nod to Babylon 5.


For a story inspiration about the two Tytalus primi I advise an old Fritz Leiber novel: The lords of Quarmall.

This was my association when I read about Fudarus.