The upcoming books :)

So, I heard some rumours about a book called Art and Acadme. Never heard of that one before. Just wanted to ask what's in it? Sounds very interesting. :slight_smile:

Is there any official word on what book will be out next and when it will be released? I haven't been updated on the news here for some time. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Jerbiton chapter in Societates also has an interesting tidbit regarding RoP:Magic - cats practicing hedge magic...

And to answer your question:

Right, thanks. Changing the topic slightly here, but what is the medieval paradigm really? Seen it mentioned several times, but can't remember seeing an explanation for it? Can someone explain it to me? :slight_smile:


That topic has a long and troubled past.. Even uttering the word "Paradigm" has been know to get people into trouble :open_mouth:

But fret not, Ferretz, because there is a fine entry about it on the FAQ at this site.

You, sir, are a blackbelt! A great flaming ball of forum-death easily deflected off site (and thank you, by the way).

Oh my, I didn't realize that this was a troubled topic. I won't bring it up again :wink:
Got what I needed out of that FAQ. Thanks! :slight_smile:


It's just that the meta-dsicussion of settng vs. medieval p-paradigm cen quickly nudge the meta a level up to even discussing what terms, such as paradigm, to use.

I do think that things tend to stay civil here, and I wouldnt mind discussing it either. I am a sucker for meta... But as is I wouldnt even have the time to chime much in - I'm currently very swamped with work, exams and some voluntary commitments on top.

So it wasn't to dodge the discussion - only that as an entry to the subject it would be a bit on the futile side to try to put words to something already so well done by others.

[size=75]disappearing ninja-wise in a puff of smoke (is that within paradigm? :laughing:) to return to his paper on poverty and disaster[/size]

I think the discussion regarding gunpowder in Mythic Europe touched on the sort of unpleasantness that can come about in a paradigm discussion.

Wow, paradigm? Paradox? Can folks really hoist themselves on their own petards casting their lots on this issue? : )

BTW, I've never really been able to picture hoisting oneself on a petard. For some reason winches and pulleys have always popped in my head, BUT I digress.

In spite of the shared history of the two games I don't think Paradox-sense paradigm has been the issue at stake. (or MMOs for that matter :laughing:) ... etard.html

The history of the phrase is really quite amusing.

Nice, Hamlet's not-so-famous quote!