The Vault of Valdarius

So, what are your seasonal plans, and do they involve investigating any of the contents of this vault?

Vibria would offer to investigate some of the items, but her InVi lab total sucks ass. She might be able to add +4 to someone's Lab Total (+5 if it's Ignem) if they made it worth her while. bats eyes at Vulcanus

Vulc has no Intellego yet and only 5 Vim. He'll need to study first before he has any chance at unlocking the items' secrets. He'll start studying Int and Vim in Autumn 1230 (the first time he's free) and then start looking at the sword once he's able.

Do we really need to investigate the bottle? Don't we really just need to make sure it stays hidden? ("Keep it secret! Keep it safe!")

Solomon has a fairly decent InVi lab total....

Vulcanus would definitely ask Solomon about investigating the bottle (and probably also some of the loot from the Drake Hunt) but he'd prefer to keep the Phoenix Sword in the Valdarian lineage.

He would likely ask his mentor Andres to investigate the sword to see whether we can unlock any lost mysteries. (And even if he can't, the old man would definitely want to see his grandparens' handiwork.)

That makes sense.

Allright Solomon, where shall we start?
I think we shall start by you being harrased by a ghost :slight_smile:

Um...yay? :confused:

Yay! :smiley:

It is more annoying than anything else. They let you in the vault to take a look around, see maybe where you wanna start. Supposedly, beneeth the floor you are standing upon, is the crypt of Valdarius himself. There is a book by Dimir Taar on a table next to you. Vulcanus has the swrod, a brass bottle encased in trasparent steel sits on a pedestal, a closed chest off to the side, and a slab of iron inscibed in ancient Greek.
It is when you look at the slab that the gost hrasses you. Like I said, more annoying than anything else. It is an incorporeal phantasm of an ancient Greek soldier, more of a shadow really, and it's might is way to low to affect you in any way. It would be really scary if you were a mundane, but you have faced much darker and dangerous things in your life than this (you remember the monestary?).

Oh no no no, the bottle isn't still sitting out where anyone can see it. There's a big iron anvil sitting on the side of the room, and the bottle is in there. Vulcanus, lacking subtlety, also left some tongs and hammers and other smithing items "strewn about" to make it look, umm, natural, and NOT SUSPICIOUS LOOKING AT ALL.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

So how do you react to this?

As Solomon enters the vault, he slowly walks around the room, making a cursory examination of everything while sensing for anything unholy before going any further. Assuming nothing 'pings' he'd go over to the slab to see what it says, when he instinctively leans back as the ghost appears.

After recovering, he nods to the ghost and speaks to it in Ancient Greek, "My apologies, warrior, have I interrupted your slumber?"

Sense Holiness & Unholiness:
1+6 (evil specialty)+8 = 15

The ghost registers neither.
With what seems like great effort, it tries speaking to you in a couple of different languages. One of them sounds strange and unlike anything you know of. The other sounds like it could be Greek.
Then it fades away...

Solomon shrugs, "I might need to work on a spell to chat with him later..." He then turns back to the slab, casting Odor of Lingering Magic to see if there are any active magics on the slab that might explode or something as he tries to read it.

If he doesn't detect any, he reads the slab.

Odor of Lingering Magic:
17+13+2+5+[]4[/url] = 41 (17 penetration of it matters)

(Also, when is this happening?)

Nothing detected. But I should point out how very old this slab is. Ancient, pre-Roman. The inscribed writing is in an archaic form of Greek.
Oh, I see that you know Greek :smiley:

The translation is lengthy. I will write it up and post it later tonight after work.

The ghost was speaking archaic ancient Greek, and had said "Help! Hekp! Our prince needs your help!"

The tablet, made of Iron of China, reads as follows...

Solomon stands over the tablet reading it slowly, ensuring he ingests every nuance of the language and meaning.

(okay, so I know this is from the City of Brass story of One Thousand and One Nights...but would Solomon pick up on any of the references on the tablet? I'm not even sure what skills you'd be looking for here.)

Well, depending on where you the player learned of the reference, I may throw you a bone. If all you know is from reading Tales of Power, then Solomon knows nothing much. If you personally have read this story, Solomon has some idea of what this thing refers too.
As for a roll, I would think Magic Lore, Egypt Area Lore, Arabic Folklore, and such as that.

I read it a LONG time ago, but that's not how I got the reference...I just have strong "google-fu" 8) I'm at work right now, so I can't rool at the moment, so I can make the Magic Lore roll when I get home tonight, or you could do so for me.