The Vis Hunters (Summer 1232)

That was my take, I was just trying to exhaust all social means at our disposal. Since we appear to have done so (or at least I'm out of ideas)...

Vocis says to Vibria I think the time has come for a more direct approach. I propose we eliminate the mutts and either enter the cottage or set it on fire. This is our land, so we need to reach an arrangement or run him off.

I didn't realize that the guy was on Covenant property. For some reason, I thought the covenant lands consisted of pretty much the covenant itself. far does our demesnes reach?

[color=red]"Agreed." Vibria huffs a gout of flame into her hand that spreads a couple of feet to either side to become a Pilum of Fire which she hurls at whichever mangy mutt looks to be in charge. Creo, I believe, is auto-hit. Her CT is 35 + Aura 3(?) + die roll of 9 = 47(?). So, Penetration total of 27, and doing 15 + die roll of 4 = 19.

Oh, and Initiative, if we need it, is Qui 1 + die roll of 9 = 10.

We claim the entirety of Andorra, all five parishes. Or is it 7? I forget and don't feel like looking it up. I just wrote a huge explanation then deleted it because it is an irrelevant tangent. Functionally, yes, mainly just the keep in Arans and miscellaneous minor properties. Legally, as far as Hermetic authority is concerned, it's all in our jurisdiction. Any vis resources or magic auras around here (this one is a 3) belong to us.

We shall just call that one roasted dog and two others that run away squealing. They only have about a half hour of existence left anyway (the spell that created them expires at sunset, which is one half an hour. Maybe less.
Keep that in mind...
You have again triggered his Fury, and this time he bursts out of his door enraged, and transformed. He literally bursts through the door and breaks the frame and maybe part of his roof.
Behold, the Owlbear of Bjornaer!

Since I'm guessing an initiative roll is in order...

Qik 1 + roll 8 = 9

If that beats Mr. Owlbear and Vibria is within reach, Vocis says Trust me. and casts Wizard's Sidestep (Touch range, ReIm 15) on her - Sta 1 + aura 3 + Re 10 + Im 20 + roll 0, no botch = 34, penetration 19 (I think that gets through her resistance)

If it doesn't beat Mr. Owlbear, it's time for Visions of Hell again - Sta 1 + Mastery 1 + aura 3 + Confidence 3 + Cr 10 + Im 20 + roll 9 = 47, penetration 22. This is also his planned second round action if he has time to cast Sidestep on Vibria in the first round (it's already active on him). On the off-chance it gets through, note that Visions of Hell is more likely to make him flail around blindly than run off.

((Vibria's reaction will depend on the saga's Pink Dot interpretation, which I couldn't find on the House Rules page. To wit: if Vibria casts Sword of the Avenger on her sword, is the sword itself resisted (and thus does not smite yon base villein), or merely the enchantment itself?))

AFAIK, there's no change in the rules for this (and if there is, why then should a PoF be resisted?)
I recall when I proposed that constant enchantments be considered natural (and thus a constantly inflamed sword would bypass MR), and marko prefered not to alter the rules.
There: (which also answers your question, since it was a discussion about MR)

I don't like the rule either. But fiddling with it opens a can of worms and unforeseen consequences and debates and all kinds of BS. For this one, it is best to go with RAW.
More latter! I should be in bed. HUGE f'n party tonight. 2800 people for the Groupon anniversary party. Then the club opens up at 11pm. All night then Saturday and you know the routine by now :smiley:

Not sure how the links answer my question, since the first seems to be about Duration: Constant and Spell Mastery, and the second about "goat magic" (whatever that is) and about whether Dominion is good, Good, or bad.

RAW, as I understand it, says that any magic on an item, regardless of how inconsequential or irrelevant, renders the item in question "resistable".

If that's the case, and it appears (as Vocis said) that this is an old Bjornaer (at least old and powerful enough to have unlocked the Inner Heartbeat mystery), then she suspects he probably has enough Resistance to be unaffected by her fiery sword spells.

[color=red]"Looks like we get to do this the old-fashioned way," Vibria says as she shifts her shield onto her left (off) arm and readies her to layeth the smack down.

And, yeah, the 19 Penetration on the Wizard's Sidestep (is that on his character sheet? I'm not seeing it) easily gets through her Parma (MR 10 vs. Imaginem).

Which, I think, takes care of Round 1?

Whatever it is, that must be a sanctum of its practitioners:

The Owlbear Magus come flying right towards you in a leap of berserk fury and frenzy. Then he smacks right into an invisible barrier, as outlined by the fenced perimeter. He frantically claws at it and the look of death in his eyes.

[color=red]"Oh, my, what a pleasant surprise," Vibria says with a wicked smile. [color=red]"It seems that our little trespasser can't get past the ward he erected."

Vibria walks up to just beyond claw-and-sword range of the Owlbear, holding her sword casually but ready.

[color=red]"Sodalis, I know you can hear me and understand me. You're trespassing on lands belonging to the Covenant of Andorra. I would like to believe that this is merely ignorance on your part, but by your poaching, you are depriving us of our magical power.

"I suggest you take your human form so that we may discuss reparations. If not, then we will take that as a blatant and willful disregard of our rights under the Oath that we all swore and we will seek immediate redress. You have until the count of 20."

Fury Check (1d10=5)
He won't calm down. But you just reminded him he is a magus. He multicasts his hound summoning spell, using it at range to conjure them on your side of the fence. Using the standard Hound stats from the Book of Mundane Beasts, three dogs total.
Initiative for them is 1d10+2=7, 1d10+2=3, 1d10+2=6

That is unless you do something to disrupt his spell and/or fast cast something on the dogs the same round he conjures them.
So, he bounced off his ward, Vibria mocks him and makes her ultimatum. He checks for Fury. Then his initiative to cast his spell is 1d10-2=4. After he conjures the dogs, their initiative roll applies to the next round.

[color=red]"Well, so much for negotiating," Vibria says under her breath.

She takes a couple of steps back and casts Sword of the Avenger on her blade.

Her Initiative is Qui 1 + die roll of 5 = 6. Middle of the pack. Heh.

Her Casting Total on the spell is 26 + die roll of 7 + Aura 3 = 36, for a Penetration of 16.

Plus, she still has the Wizard's Sidestep on her.

(Note: Being magical creations, the dogs are resistible. Since it seems our bjornaer magus has a lot of Animal, I wouldn't count on it, but this may save you. Even then, they can still kill the grogs, of course)

This got exciting while I was sleeping... :smiley:

Initiative: Qik 1 + roll 0, no botch = 1...blah

Once the dogs have (presumably) spent their first round's fury on our Sidestep images, Vocis hits the two Vibria is not attacking with multi-cast Visions of Hell.

Sta 1 + aura 3 + Mastery 1 + Cr 10 + Im 20 + rolls 2 & 9 = 37 & 44 + Penetration 2 = penetration 14 and 21

On that note, are the grogs joining us? Liberto could probably take a shot even if they haven't reached us.

Please forgive me for being lazy. I have had a rough past few days. And today is not turning out to be much better so far. But it will get better. Markoko always reigns triumphant 8)
Anyway, I am looking at the numbers, and I estimate a 95% chance that the three dogs will be quickly killed before anyone even gets scratched. If you want to roll it out, I will. But that seems like a lot of effort for what appears to be a done deal. Vibria kills one, Liberto shoots another, and Javier kills the third.
Javier also wields a flaming sword by the way :wink:

So, roll it out or on to the next round?

I'm good with moving on to the next round.


r2: Vibria looks at Vocis and Alejandro. [color=red]"Shall we take the fight to Lord Featherbottom over there?"

((Is the fence as I picture it - basically, a white picket fence? Or is it taller and more privacy-fence-ish?))

Also, I forgot Initiative for Alejandro, Vidal, and Guy.

The grogs fight together as a trained group, and thus there is only one initiative roll. Said group would include some of the other grogs as well.