The Visitor (Spring 1235)

Wirth & Roberto also hold AC's to each other, so Penetration versus each other is easy to pass.
Where is Poseidon's Trident?
Anyways, this was a duel to the death, and to let Attuma escape would be irresponsible and foolish.
ReCo15 Wizard's Leap, to intercept the fleeing fiend.
Sta +1, Rego 10, Corpus 5, Mastery 4, Aura +3, = +23
Coyote Code is messing up. I click roll, and only blank results return :frowning:

He's holding it.

Rolling for you... 3
Roberto reappears right before Attumah.
The sudden disturbance in the sea waters would have alterted the fiend, if he wasn't already half-comatose from his wounds.

Meanwhile... Wirth manages to slip between the guards*, who will soon stumble on Acutus (He gets some idea of this through his heightened senses).

And Lucas is well on his way with the princess.

What do you do?

  • 8 + Dex 1 + Stealth 3 = 12, without invisibility bonuses

For his part, Lucas continues to comfort the princess while getting her the hell out of the city.

Moral quandary! It would be brutal and unethical to execute a comatose enemy. But it would be immoral to let him live.
Roberto takes the trident, then cuts off Attuma's hands. Both of them.

Lucas, the princess seems torn between confidence and fear, but your words shift the balance in the right direction.

When Roberto seizes the trident, he finds that Attumah's grip on it to be quite strong. The barbarian maybe beaten, but he's still got some life in him.
You must beat a 7 on a Str + Stress Die roll. This'll tell if you seize the trident or not.

While you're at it, roll for initiative in the next round, since this gives you away to him. He's at... -9 :laughing: And he'll again go for a Baneful Maelstrom

Seeing this happen, Wirth will fast-cast a Wizard's Leap to appear in Attumah's back and strike at him at his normal initiative. This has absolutely no effect on Attumah's powerful hide, though.
Nor will this stop his action, since creature powers, being innate, require no special concentration (Serf's Parma, don't hesitate to correct me, I'm not sure about this)

  • Normal Init: 5 - 1 = 4
    Casting speed 1, 9 = 18 + 1 + 5 = 24
    Casting total: 4 + 17 + 04 - 10 = 15. Spot on.
    Gauntlet Strike: 4 + 12 = 16 vs 01, +05 => Damage 20

Roberto has sheathed his sword and grips the Trident, surprised and enraged when Attuma resists him.
Strength +2, Weary -1, equals 1+ a die roll
Roll to seize the Trident!: 1D10+1 = [7]+1 = 8
He wrenches the Trident of Poseidon from the fiends grasp!

Then Roberto notices Attuma mutter incantations of power, so it is a matter of self defense, and he stabs down to slay his foe once and for all.
Quick +1, Trident +3, Weary -1, equals 3 + a die roll
Initiative: 1D10+1+3 = [5]+3 = 8
Roberto exerts himself again, shouting as hie strikes and spending Fatigue
Saint James guide my hand!
Dex +1, Single Weapon 6, Trident +3, Exertion +6, Weary -1, equals 15 plus a die roll
Attack roll, spending Fatigue: 1D10+15 = [1]+15 = 16
exploder: 1D10 = [3] = 3
so (two times 3) plus 15 equals 21.
Attuma had a Defense of 1? It should be -2 without the trident. Attack Advantage 23. Plus Strength +2 and Trident +5 equals Incoming Damage +30.
Not sure what extra bonuses, if any, this trident has. Using the basic stats from Lords of Men.
If he is yet conscious, Roberto will try to Fast Cast a Spell
Fast Cast Speed: Quick +1, Finesse 3, Tired -3, equals 1 + a die roll
Fast Cast Speed: 1D10+1 = [0]+1 = 1
Botch Check: 1D10 = [4] = 4
PeVi15 Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat!
Stamina +1, Perdo 5, Vim 5, Mastery 3, Aura 3, Tired -3, Fast Casting -10, equals 4 plus a die roll
Counterspell!: 1D10+4 = [5]+6 = 9
With Stalwart Mastery, no Fatigue is lost :smiley:
Now, according to the mechanics for this spell, Roberto rolls a Stress Die plus (the level of this spell +10), against an Ease Factor of twice the level of the effects (unknown). So that starts at +25. Untravelling Mastery adds three times the Mastery score to the roll, so that is another nine for +34. Then he is tired -3, for a total of 31 plus a die roll.
Thwart Roll: 1D10+31 = [6]+31 = 37, so that counters level 18 or better.
Fast Cast again!
Quick +1, Finesse 3, Tired -3, Second Fast Cast -6, equals a die roll minus 5
_: 1D10 = [4]-5 = -1
Which still beats Attuma's -9
Getting desperate here
Not a counterspell. Going to try a PoF and pray I roll really good for damage
Sta +1, Creo 6+3, Ignem 12+3, Mastery 4, Aura +3, Tired -3, Fast Cats -10, equals 19 plus a die roll...
PoF: 1D10 = [9] =9+19 = 28
Minus Level 20 equal 8, plus the Penetration super multiplier for his blood
Damage equals a die roll, +15, minus 5, or SD+10
1D10 = [1] = 1
exploder: 1D10 = [10] = 10
For +30 Damage total

And it's still not enough. The attack probably didn't kill him, the counterspell probably didn't work, and the PoF did no better than the attack. But I hope he botches his soke roll again

Another Fast Cast Spell!
Fast Cast Speed Quick +1, Finesse 3, Tired -3, Third Fast Cast -12, for a total of a roll minus 11.
_: 1D10 = [5] = 5
Equals -6! Still beats Attuma!
A Fast Cast Spontaneous Defense. I am going to just guess the Form is Aquam and pray this works.
Creo/Rego Ignem to boil away the water as it attacks me.
Stamina +2, Creo 6+3, Ignem 12+3, Aura 3, Tired -3, Fast Cast -10, equals 16 plus a die roll
1D10-11 = [1]
exploder: 1D10 = [1] = 1
exploder: 1D10 = [4] = 4
for sixteen plus sixteen, or 32, divided in half is sixteen. Enough to defend against level 32 or cancel level 16

Can he do it again? One more time?
Fast Cast Speed Quick +1, Finesse 3, Dazed -5, Fourth Fast Cast -18, for a total of a roll minus 19.
_: 1D10 = [6] = 6
For a -13


Wow, I have all kind of calculus to do now :laughing:

So, King Triton's trident is: Init: +4, Attack +2, Defense +0, Damage +11
This means Roberto's stats are... Init 9, Atk +20 vs defense... -1 now that Attumah is bereft of the trident.
So, damage 21 + Str 02 + 11 = 33

Roberto rips the golden trident from Attumah's hand, turning it against his former wielder. The weapon is not particularly light, but is humming with power, and pierces the giant's flank for yet another Medium wound. If this was a mortal spellcaster, this would be more than enough, but commanding the sea is second nature to his foe, no more difficult for him than walking is for Roberto.

And so he incants! Ooh, does he incants, words flowing from his mouth as lighting, bristling with fierce magic, casting spell and counterspell alike.
Yet, Attumah's power is ancient, and Roberto's Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat has no effect on the swirling waters.

That's +3. You can invoke his name for another +1, meaning your penetration is multiplied by 5 (1+3+1).
But Roberto sucks at penetration IIRC... 2, 3 for Creo, meaning a +15, so total Penetration is 23.
Aaaargh! The -10 for Fast-casting kills Roberto's attempt, as his pilum flows harmlessly around Attumah's hide!

His last counterspell likewise proves too feeble against the massive power of Attumah, although Roberto does manage to boil away some of the waters, lowering the damage...

Flowing from all other the place, made solid by attumah's terrible power, a tower of whirling water engulfs the mage, ripping him appart for..
10... 1 No botch, so it is a 25, minus Roberto's soak + stress die.
He's gonna survive this unscathed... You'll see!

With all the wounds inflicted upon him, even his massive soak should fail sooner or later. He's at -13 already.
Too bad, you had great rolls there :frowning:

Roberto is in light leather, Protection 1, plus Stamina +1 equals two, and Dazed is -5
so -3 and a Stress Die to Soak 25 points of damage...
This could kill him!!!!!
According to his records for 1234, he has an Aqual score of 1 at that time. So, divided by five rounded up is still a Form bonus to soak of +1
so -2 and a stress die
What was the penetration on that one anyways?
anyway, time to roll the die
_: 1D10 = [7] = 7
7 - 2 is Soak 5, versus 25 incoming equals 20!
Heavy Wound. Probably a concussion and a few broken bones!!!!!

Actually, no. That is Incapacitated !!!!

Okay, here and now I will invoke the right to spend Fortune

Silly me, I totally forgot it! Excuse me, I was in a hurry (am still)

That's a 25, +8 for the Aura = 33. I'm a little torn on whether he benefits from an extra boost from the trident or not... He could both ways, but given the nature of things, it seems sensible that it is rescinded at once now that Roberto managed to take it, so that comes down to 28.

Roberto's Parma is... 25, +1 for Aquam, +4 for the Aura = 30. Yes!!!

The waters rage around Roberto, but now that his Might is no longer bolstered by King Triton's Trident, Attumah's power, even augmented by the Aura, is not enough to pierce Roberto's Parma, although the mage can feel his shield relent against the assault.

With several broken bones, bleeding from multiple wounds and now deprived of the power of the Trident, Attumah finally collapses to the ground.

Are there any more threats that Acutus can see or smell? He doesn't want to kill needlessly, so if any other guards stand down, he'll just swim around menacingly and ensure no one gets any funny ideas.

Thought I was a goner for sure whew
So still uninjured, yet dead tired from loss of Fatigue, Roberto summons what he can to Attack one more time. Attuma is a Faerie, and it appears that this is the ending that Fate desires. Bunch of arcane metaphysics that are way over my head, but it seems like the thing to do.
Dex +1, Single Weapon 6, Trident +2, Dazed -5, equals 4 plus a die roll.
Getting a bit weak here!
Attack roll: 1D10 = [10] = 10
crap crap crap
Botch Check: 1D10 = [9] = 9
Not sure what his Defense is now. But it should be at least five points lower than last time. I hope.
Total attack of +4, adjusted by Defense (which I hope is a huge negative).
Str +2 and Trident +11 equals incoming damage of 13 plus Attack Advantage. Whatever that may be.

Well, they're stumbling in the dark, waving their weapons ineffectively. Acutus can evade or slaughter them, as he wants (+6 t both attack and defense)

Yeah, I feared so too, it was a close call. And wirth is useless against Attumah. If you hadn't managed to take the trident out of his grasp, this would have severely hurt :confused:

Okay... He's collapsed, but it sure ties any loose end (and he's proven that he's too dangerous to be let alive)
Due to the darkness, you've got a +6 to attack, meaning you get to +10

His defense total is -7, meaning you get an Attack Advantage of +17, with the trident, this goes up to +30!

Maybe it's the trident's magic, or maybe it's attumah's multiple wounds weakening him, but the trident succeeds where the sword failed, going through Attumah's hide like the flesh and blood it is, piercing his body from side to side. Attumah raises his head in a silent cry, his eyes searching for something they can't see, right before going limp, his blood flowing in a bubble around his body, washing over you. So powerful was your blow that you need a moment to rip the trident from Attumah's corpse. At long last, the sea devil is dead.

Now, you're in a bubble of shadows, with a bunch of soldiers searching for you, and the crowd outside. What do you do?

First Roberto contacts Cidito
Attuma is dead. Tell Lucas, tell him to inform the princess and wait for further instructions.
Then he checks that all theatrical spells are still in place. He prepares himself to make his speech. Trident and shield in hand, he stands next to dead Attuma and readies himself to multicast if need be. But hopefully his words will have effect...
Presuming Roberto can see and barbarians & traitors are not about to pounce...
Wirth, turn on the lights...
[b]Attuma the Usurper is Dead! Long Live Queen Soteria!
Loyal Citizens! Purge your city of these foul invaders! Barbarians and Traitors! Flee the city now or face my wrath!!!!
Do it NOW!!!!!!

Presence +1, Leadership 3, Fatigue -5, +3 spells (I think), + sympathy :slight_smile:
stress die: 1D10 = [8] = 8
equals 10 or more

As soon as the word comes through from Horus, Lucas immediately tells the princess. "Attuma is dead and Roberto is alive," he says. "Your love has conquered the usurper at last. But we should give him some time to settle the city before you return to take your rightful place as its leader."

Then he adds a silent comment to Horus. Tell Cidito I'll hold position outside of the city until I hear from Roberto that it would be safe to return. The princess is doing well, better since she's heard that Roberto was victorious.

You really want me to get into twilight, do you?

Casting his "Thwarting the Thaumaturgical Threat" at his spell... This is stressed because of the guards
The darkness recoils, sucked up by the spell's core, retracting into an ever shrinking orb, that then dissappears.

Guards and citizens look at Roberto in shock*.

The king... He killed the king...
But he was invincible, how could he?
What are we going to do?
He's too powerful, we can't do anything...

DEATH! Death to the murderer, screams a voice in the crowd, soon echoed by others. None dare approach Roberto, still.

Not the first time you fail at this, says an invisible voice to Roberto's ear. We should go. Unless you intend to kill them all?

  • 8 + bonuses

This is my people, and, now that my father is dead, I am their rightful queen. I will not hide behind a champion, whatever his might.

Horus, tell Cidito that Princess Soteira is every bit as strong-willed as Roberto. She wants to go back and assume rulership over her people now that Attuma is dead. I'll stall her as long as I can, but that won't be forever.

Lucas nods to the princess. "Of course. That is your right and your duty. But surely it's wise to give Roberto some time to clean up the barbarians who followed Attuma. Let him set the stage for your return."

I almost hit one when all that shit started to go down! Would have Comprehended it I'm sure, maybe learned some new power I could've used in all of this. We're still young. Twilight hold no fear for me.
But I'll tell you what, old friend. This was the closest I think I have ever come to meeting my Mother and Father in Heaven.

I know, I know. Figured I'd give it another shot now that Attuma is dead. Man, these people really do just suck!
Hold on, I'm receiving a message...
(Somewhere, on a hidden ship, Cidido sits playing cards with Horus. Horus draws a card, places it it in his hand, then looks attentive as he hears Lucas' voice in his head.

Lucas says the Princess is strong willed, and wants to return and assume rulership now that Attuma is dead. He is trying to stall her but can't hold out long
meow Y'know? Just meow Right now he needs all the help he can get. He's gone as far as sword and fire can take him.
Indeed. That was rather profound
I have my moments. Hold on a sec...
Hey! Lucas sez Soteria is demanding to be brought back to the city and reclaim her throne.
Yes. Yes, bring her back as quickly as he can. Attuma slain, Poseidon avenged, I have done all I can do. The rest is up to her.
Hurry! This mob is ugly. Not unruly or anything. Just very unappealing to look at. :laughing:

Roberto sez to haul ass and get her to the city. He's about to get his ass kicked and he needs a girl to save him
Wirth! Ciditio says the princess is on her way. I am in no shape to fight anymore. Dazed. A step away from going Unconscious. And in my book, that is just as bad as being Incapacitated when the enemy is upon you. I don't know how long we can stall, but no one looks eager to start anything just yet. Besides, our large shark friend over there will keep them in line.
But I need to rest. To tired to think for myself anymore. You tell me what we should do.

Soteira clenches her teeth.
Okay. This, I can understand. Just let him be careful. The people there are under some kind of dark magic, or they wouldn't have betrayed my father like that.

Ha! Ever the optimistic :smiley:
You were too imprudent there. Be careful next time.

Fall back. Regroup. Let us disappear.


Once again, Wirth incants, drawing all light from the area around him, roberto, and one side of the crowd. Confusion erupts
Then, seizing Roberto by the arm
Cast your Veil of Invisibility, and follow my lead. We'll use the crowd's distress to plow through them, get in the streets, find a place to rest.