the 'y' in Tytalus

One of by players asked me this, and I have no idea... He wanted to know why there's a 'y' in Tytalus since there's not 'y' in Latin.

Without digging into obscure sources for the canon answer, I'd guess that it's because it's a guy's name, and not a Latin one.

Maybe it was originally spelled differently, and the first English translator spelled it with a "Y" because he is a bad scribe.

Yep :smiley:

Because "Titalus" makes Tremeres snicker.

As does Tootalus

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That is funny stuff.

Because Mark Ryan-Hagan didn't actually know Latin. :smiley:

Y ask Y? This is Mythic Europe! It is not an "Y Græca", but an "Y Mythica".

I always tought he had Greek roots. 'Y' is used to write the vowel 'ü' like in Olympos, Dionysos.

If the writer really was thinking about it, maybe it's just a tweak from a similar latin name. Pliny and Mark Antony were from Rome, but the original spellings didn't have y's.