Theban Apprenticeship

So I'd been planning on playing a Theban Jerbiton antigone that was just/recently out of his apprenticeship. However, whilst reading the Thebes tribunal book I struck on a bit of a problem. Theban apprentices are chosen by their masters at tribunal meetings and then (since they've usually gotten a little bit of extra training before they officially start) they go through a bit of a shortened 14 year apprenticeship. The problem with this is that the next Theban tribunal is at 1221. So... my interpretation of this is that if you want to play a recently gauntled theban magus at the default time you either have to be an immigrant, be 6 years past your gauntlet, or your master needs to have committed a low crime to claim you early rather than at the apprentice presentation at tribunal. Am I missing something or did this tribunal book break the "default" game (which I'm assuming is spring covenant of mostly recently gauntleted characters)?