Theory: Warped Conjurations

This has been a lot of fun reading, and I thank you all. Let's review some things I've thought about.
Creo magic conjures things from the realm of forms. Does it yank copies of the ideal apple, the ideal plate, or does it use them as templates and patterns? It makes me think of the Amber series, and reflections of the perfect patterns. The reason you can get imperfect results from Creo Magic is because the lens through which you're viewing the perfect form may be... warped?
Also, there is a conceptual space where something can be perfect and ideal, and still be imperfect in its execution. A perfect tower at a 45 degree angle is still pretty useless as a tower.

My girlfriend likes the idea that the 'warping' of the creation is represented by the unique manifestation of the wizard's sigil. I feel like what the magic is affecting isn't the conjured plate or tower, but the world itself, and the magic is done by the time the conjuration appears.


Thanks to you, it was quite fun to write as well :upside_down_face: