Thermokopolis summer 1191

Trintion laughs. “Followed you didn’t I? ... Course I’m happy to help.”

[Horses have much better senses of smell than we do but probably can’t track by scent.]

"Ok. Let's go then."

Constantine resumes his trip to the sketchy bar, where he will gamble and lose some money and try to get the shady people talking - get them telling stories of their exploits, and try to maneuver to what they've been doing lately.

roll intrigue to try and get them talking about what you want them to.

Rolled a 12, spending one confidence.


Trintion stands in the street, no rope, bridle, or saddle to fetter him or mark him as owned. After a short time waiting out front of the gambling den. Whenever the door opens he attempts to gain a view inside but this is not enough so he paces around the building looking for a window or something where he can watch these most interesting games of chance but, as always, tries to remain alert to anyone attempting to steal his freedom.

Constantine gambles for a while before one of the men gets up and announces he as to leave- his cousin is getting a shipment of herbs for a "special customer" and he doesn't want someone stealing them in transit and mistaking them for something edible. "He'd be out the money and some poor kid would need a doctor thy can't afford, so its best I show up for the job."

Constantine catches his eye, giving his most innocent and winning smile. "Umm... can I come with you? I'm supposed to be..." he pauses, "branching out the family business. I'm hoping we can all develop... professional relationships? So I'd like to learn a bit, if you don't mind..."

[tried but failed at ReMe to induce favorable response; but rolled 20 on Charm]

The man wavers for a moment then decides "sure, but you're buying drinks afterwards. and if something happens stay out of the way."

Constantine nods. He will follow the man out.


Noticing Constantine leaving the gambling den Trintion waits for a moment then begins following a little behind.

A man looks at the young man and "the buyer of the herbs" leave the tavern. Thinking that someone that is buying herbs at this time of night must be doing this for some sorcerers, he decides to follow them. After all everybody knows that henbane, poppy and other witch herbs are collected at night. What else if not that kind of herbs? Somewhere he needs to find someone able to know what is happening to his nephew and this man might not look nice, but he sure must have some higher-up contacts. Spyros makes up his mind and decides to follow them.

He waits for a small time, pays up his drink and heads to the streets covered with his short cloak.

Xavi - roll stealth+dex to not be noticed, target number 11.

The man leads Constantine and Trintion down to a warehouse at the docks, where someone wearing a dark cloak is waiting with a package that they hand to the ruffian.

Spyros comes down an alley following the group at a distance as they met the cloaked figure. He makes himself obvious by stepping in the middle.of the street and making a group of street cats scatter in all directions. He looks at the cats. So much for discretion.


Seeing all those cats scurry through part of his 285º field of vision Trintion Turns toward the oaf who scared the cats and walks towards him slowly. Assuming a talking horse will scare him off, when he gets close he quietly says, "My, you do make a ruckus."

The eyes of Spyros open a lot. Then he says aaah! and proceeds to fall down on his sorry ass. He keeps staring at the horse from the ground. His mouth opens and closes, but he does not seem to be emitting any sounds. After that sorry moment he states the obvious. You... You talk!


Making sure they are suitably alone on the street, Trintion begins poking this oaf with his nose and says in a disinterested manner, "The same could be said of you, little man. Run along before I turn back into a magoi and burn you to a crisp with fire from my hoo-hands."

[let me know if you want a guile roll here.]

The man is clearly divided between abject fear and amazement. He tries to cover himself a little bit and says, oh Magoi, I have been searching for you. My nephew has an ailment that nobody seems to be able to cure. If you can cure him I will be at your service for whatever service I can provide you, oh mighty wise man.


Surprised at how well his prank is working, though in a manner he did not expect, Trintion stifles a chuckle and says, "I may be able to help you, I am, as you can see, powerful enough to turn into a horse... hrm, do you have any carrots? Perhaps an apple? This form has its own desires."


Spyros looks at the horse Magoi. Unfortunately I do not carry food with me, oh mighty one. I promise to be more considerate in the future.

Thus ruffian sighs and whispers to Constantine "perhaps we should ditch the clowns so we don't draw attention"