Thirty Tribunal Cases for November

Case 3 The Case of the Diabolical Pride - up now, a little early.

Case 4: The Case of the Reluctant Redcaps -- now up here -

OK, for those of you who followed this one (Case 1) from the beginning, let's hear your theories...

  1. Who killed Rhiannon?
  2. What was the spell cast on Cedric?
  3. What actually happened?
  4. Who is Guilty?

Just give your reconstruction of events. I'm curious as to who comes closest now! :slight_smile:

cj x

  1. no one
  2. MuMe or CrMe to make him imagine things
  3. Rhiannon made her apprentice impersonate her at tribunal. Later she killed her apprentice (or made Cedric kill her apprentice) and made the arrangements to make it appear as if Cedric had killed Rhiannon. It is quite telling that the apprentice, supposedly an almost gauntleted character could not stop a grog from killing her mater easily. There are a few low level spells that are easily sponted that could achieve that result. Rhiannon, impersonating his apprentice had plans to start anew under the guise of a new maga, charging her old enemies with murder while doing so. It seems it backfired.

A few spells cast on the apprentice should show the truth of the story since she is present during the whole scene in any case.

Nice story in any case. More of a murder mystery than a law tribunal case, but really cool.

The spell cast on Cedric was, according to the divination, a Rego Mentem spell of the 3rd magnitude, cast by Rhiannon.
I guess it's a Voice, Conc (or Diam) spell using the Level 4 guideline "Control the target's mental state (e.g. confused)".
Thus, Cedric's testimony should not be considered trustworthy.

Case 5: The Fire of Exeter -

Three cheers for cj.23 for starting these threads but please, don't leave us hanging! What happened next!?

I will do a full report on what I think happened if you like on Day 7, to give people a week to come up with much better ideas than I had :slight_smile:

cj x

Indeed these are awesome!

As in what the real crime was, if any? The true facts of the cases? That would be interesting, but trials aren't always about the facts. :smiley:

Case 6: The Strange Affair of 'The Spanish Play' -

Many thanks to ezzelino for posting a case 7 yesterday when I was unable to access my PC.

Ezzelino's excellent Case 7: the Case of the Healing Blankets -

Case 8: the Case of the Voting Fraud is here - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9497
cj x

I believe answers to case 1 were promised?

Well, a set of possible answers anyway.

Thank you for starting this CJ ^^

Yep, just struggling to sort out a short term financial emergency (not been paid), toothache and a house inspection by my letting agent. I'm back on the ball now :slight_smile:

cj x

Case 9: A Stranger at Tribunalis up -

cj x

Richelle ex Bonisagus (A visiting mentem expert with reputation for her manipulations of mundane minds subtlely) suggests using some CrMe to imbue the apprentice and grog with strong honesty and devotion to justice and urge to talk. "We can't help it if they talk on their own because it is their personality to do so for the moment." She suggests the corpse be examined for MuCo traces as well as the apprentice and ifthe parma does not drop voluntarily, it be forced down.

As for punishment, if the apprentice really is the apprentice and really did commit the crime, a Tytalus will step forward to have the code administered to her as a member of the order as she has just past the Tytalus house gauntlet. The prior crime was not committed by one sworn to the code so is no crime at all.

Case 10: When Wizard's Wars Went Wrong -

Case 11: The Lost Discovery by avenger 314 -

and my

Case 12: The Springs of Carcassonne -

up now :slight_smile:

cj x

Case 13: The Case of the Queasitor who Wasn't -

cj x

May I suggest moving the case threads to a separate play-by-post forum? Personally I have absolutely no interest in them and they're really starting to clog up the first page of the Ars sub-forum.

Clog up?

Um, these are some of the most active threads going on right now, and, if I may, you have writers basically sharing free stuff in mvery collaborative and open environment. These are not for play, per se, and there is a lot to be discussed.

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