Thirty Tribunal Cases for November

Case 5: The Fire of Exeter -

Three cheers for cj.23 for starting these threads but please, don't leave us hanging! What happened next!?

I will do a full report on what I think happened if you like on Day 7, to give people a week to come up with much better ideas than I had :slight_smile:

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Indeed these are awesome!

As in what the real crime was, if any? The true facts of the cases? That would be interesting, but trials aren't always about the facts. :smiley:

Case 6: The Strange Affair of 'The Spanish Play' -

Many thanks to ezzelino for posting a case 7 yesterday when I was unable to access my PC.

Ezzelino's excellent Case 7: the Case of the Healing Blankets -

Case 8: the Case of the Voting Fraud is here - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9497
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I believe answers to case 1 were promised?

Well, a set of possible answers anyway.

Thank you for starting this CJ ^^

Yep, just struggling to sort out a short term financial emergency (not been paid), toothache and a house inspection by my letting agent. I'm back on the ball now :slight_smile:

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Case 9: A Stranger at Tribunalis up -

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Richelle ex Bonisagus (A visiting mentem expert with reputation for her manipulations of mundane minds subtlely) suggests using some CrMe to imbue the apprentice and grog with strong honesty and devotion to justice and urge to talk. "We can't help it if they talk on their own because it is their personality to do so for the moment." She suggests the corpse be examined for MuCo traces as well as the apprentice and ifthe parma does not drop voluntarily, it be forced down.

As for punishment, if the apprentice really is the apprentice and really did commit the crime, a Tytalus will step forward to have the code administered to her as a member of the order as she has just past the Tytalus house gauntlet. The prior crime was not committed by one sworn to the code so is no crime at all.

Case 10: When Wizard's Wars Went Wrong -

Case 11: The Lost Discovery by avenger 314 -

and my

Case 12: The Springs of Carcassonne -

up now :slight_smile:

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Case 13: The Case of the Queasitor who Wasn't -

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May I suggest moving the case threads to a separate play-by-post forum? Personally I have absolutely no interest in them and they're really starting to clog up the first page of the Ars sub-forum.

Clog up?

Um, these are some of the most active threads going on right now, and, if I may, you have writers basically sharing free stuff in mvery collaborative and open environment. These are not for play, per se, and there is a lot to be discussed.

Edit:fixed a problem with my thumbs...

Hiya, yes I was concerned about that when we first discussed the project (see page 1). I really don't want to move them to a PBP subfora, because the whole point is they are not play by post games, but actually an often technical discussion of Hermetic Law and the rules issues. The fact people respond in character is wonderful, and to my mind really adds to them, and makes them worth reading though. :slight_smile: I'm hoping they are of direct utility in peoples games, but I guess that depends on whether you run Tribunals very often or not. I certainly find Tribunals one of the harder aspects of Ars to storyguide.

Last night the threads 2-5 were pushed up the forum by my closing them, so they will now drop off the page as we have finished discussing them. I'll be closing Case 6 tonight. Given that the oldest posts currently on page 1 of the forum are from a week ago (November 6th) and that there seems to be considerable interest in them (the forum seems busier than normal but perhaps I'm just imagining that) I don't think it is too big a problem.

Now I could post them on my personal blog - the only problem with that is people will have to register to post comments, and they will lose the whole point of being readily available material easily accessed by anyone interested in Ars. I had come up with an idea for a December variant (and no I'm not going to do this every month) - an Advent Calendar: I was going to solicit from my fellow Ars Authors an NPC fully statted, short scenario idea, saga arc, magic item description, case for Tribunal, Ars fiction, vis sources, etc, etc, and try to do one very day for December as a free gift, perhaps linked to an Ars Magica advent calendar graphic. This would differ from this project in that the authors would vary, as would the content. However given the concerns I'll put the project on hold and maybe do it next year -- also most of the writers are probably very busy right now with other projects. I did like the idea though of "opening" the advent calendar each day to see who and what was up next :slight_smile:

Anyway for the moment I'll knock the Tribunal Cases series on the head on the 15th - I invited Ezzelino to contribute tonight's case, and Matt Ryan as an expert on Hermetic Law (he wrote the Bonisagus chapter of True Lineages as I recall) to do the 15th. That means there will only be 15 cases not 30 as advertised originally, but it will prevent the idea from becoming the monster that ate the forum.

Hope this is acceptable?
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I want it to eat the forum.
IMNSHO opinion they have all been awesome, since they have generated discussion, and they highlight the differences with which people can view Lex Hermetica.

I also vote for them rto remain in the main forum. They are clearly labelled and so can be avoided if you do not want to read them. For me they are great and I am getting both ideas AND MAGI PERSONALITIES for the people in our incoming saga. That is always cool :slight_smile: I wiill press for a general link post to be put at the top, like the SR one once the project closes down.


cj.23 honoured me by asking me to post:
Case 14: The Case (and Counter-Case) of the Contested Copy: [url=]

I may be biased :slight_smile:, but I really like the Hermetic Cases. I'd like for the whole series of 30 to be completed! I think they are extremely good for getting an idea of the diversity of views that can come up during a real Tribunal. It's very hard to get this diversity when a single storyguide or author dictates the responses of the whole Tribunal (save possibly for the PCs).

As was stated by other posters, I do not think they should be moved to Play By Post: even if many posters post in character, it's really a discussion of the technical points of Hermetic Law.

These threads are great. :smiley:

I don't think we've had an answer for this first case. What actually happened?