Thirty Tribunal Cases for November

These threads are great. :smiley:

I don't think we've had an answer for this first case. What actually happened?

The light fitting has broken in my room so I'm typing in the dark, so I'll explain tomorrow. It might be interesting to show what magical traces the quaesitor's found in this case, given they were there within minutes of the crime as I recall?

Potentially the last case, Case 15: Death of a Redcap is now up -

It includes a poll and how and where to continue or not the cases for the rest of the month.

cj x

My internet connection has been down all day, but back up now. As the only person voting for me to stop was Darkwing knowing I wanted a break from it I guess I'll carry on, and hopefully some of the old closed cases will drop off the forum as new threads appear. Still the oldest threads on the forum last week (non-case related) were over a week old so it's not really that big an issue. Case 16 is coming today -- and I'm delighted to say it is one I managed to commission for my project by well known Ars Magica author Matt Ryan. :slight_smile: Looking forward to it!

cj x

Case 16:

"Well known?" Oh brother, stop puffing me up. For the record, I owe CJ much more than a few rough paragraphs here and there. He truly is a gentleman and gracious host. I'll never forget driving in Wales with CJ silently gripping the gunwales as I careened 'round hedges and stone walls, never once uttering a cry despite his look of terror.

Matt Ryan

Just in case anyone was wondering, some unexpected work and my being away a lot has meant I have fallen behind. I think this is for the best, as it has allowed the older cases to drop off the forum, and I will post again with a new case tomorrow. My plan is still to do 30 cases, but they will be spaced over the next month or so, to allow me to give them the attention they deserve. Apologies for the unexpected silence though - but I have been very busy with Ars related projects I hope many of you will enjoy in time, not least finalising plans for Grand Tribunal 2013.

cj x

I wouldn't worry too much, he's been driving with me for over a decade now. :slight_smile:
(Curiously, I still can't get him to be quiet and listen to the music in the car, maybe the answer is to drive even faster...)

For the Psyche/Mentem experts, an interesting observation: it only took a year to get cj to put his seatbelt on the instant he got in the car, before he started lighting up. It used to be the other way around... :slight_smile:

(who helped out with the police pursuit driving course, and succeeded in evading them, something that is not meant to happen.)