thoughts on new Supernatural Flaw

Something for your consideration, though it is not well thought out. I am not certain it should be used as part of a character concept.

The other night the troupe were discussing possible Supernatural Flaws that a magus could have.
We ended up with something that could be called "Supernatural Heir", or perhaps "Heir to Prophecy" (we weren't very particular about nomenclature)

We basically ended up throwing a whole bunch of ideas at each other and seeing what stuck.
What happens if a magus is Heir to several magically affected bloodlines?
From memory, I think we suggested that back around the time of the end of the Schism War, some magus decided to implement a Gifted husbandry project, to see if the Gift could breed true. Finds a bunch of Gifted people (not necessarily magi, but maybe apprentices and Faild Apprentices) and people descended from Gifted individuals, and convinces/arranges for them to produce children, over the course of several generations. The breeding program is continued by the mage's heir(s).

In all the different lineages of Gifted people, perhaps some of the lineages are from Mighty Magicians (the sort that leave Mythic Bloodlines), some of who whom may have left blessing, curses or prophecies on their descendants. (eg an apprentice might discover they have some sort of Immunity, Luck, or Lycanthropy once they are initiated into a magical tradition). Perhaps a Bjornaer Great Beast that occasionally is interested in the human descendants of its former-human life (does the Close Family Ties or Meddler personality flaw carry on to Great Beast status). Magical ghosts seeking a magical descendant to possess.
Or they are also of Merovingian blood, which sufficient pedigree that various political factions might think they are a viable pretender to the throne.

Then there were other complications suggested. Best I can remember, they were (in no particular order):
Seventh son of a seventh son, or some other mystically significant birth.
Born under a particularly significant mystic astrological conjunction, and/or in a particularly magical aura.
An ancient Magus designing a ritual to transmogrify their mind and soul to a new body, but only one born with the same horoscope as the Gifted child.
The parents of the Gifted child were secretly cultists of a mystic Cult that had actual magical power (perhaps an underground Cult of Glycon, suggested in another thread), and they underwent certain effective Fertility rituals before/while conceiving they Gifted child.
The midwife who delivered the Gifted child was a hedge witch who 'dedicated' the Gifted child to a dark Forest spirit (there was something about this in the RoP:M book) in a once-in-a-generation ritual.
As a child encountered a strong magical influence (Siegfried and drogon's blood, Obelix and the druid's potion are some examples)
While as a youth, encountered a magical creature and made a contract (thinking of Howl's Moving Castle)
As a child playing with calimari from an octopus of virtue, got squirted with ink that happened to stain them with mystic sigils (I just made this one up).
There may have been some others.

Several of these situations would not be not unique to the hypothetical Gifted child. Like with Harry Potter, where there was another student (Nigel Longbottom?) who qualified as the target of the prophecy.

Still, this hypothetical Gifted child is loaded with so much supernatural potential/complications, that they may always show up under InVi as having traces of magic on them. I don't think Hermetic magic could get much more detail than this.
However assorted magical creatures/spirits may detect more details, and act accordingly.
I did insist, if this hypothetical supernatural heir was ever to inherit any of this supernatural potential, they should start the game with the Latent Magical Ability virtue.

Not clear if this is a Major or Minor Flaw (ie if the negatives outweigh the potential positives)

House Mercere does this (HoH:TL p.80f, 94ff), since their founder lost the Gift.

The related ArM5 Story Flaw you mention can be covered by HoH:TL p.109 Legacy.

Stronger magical or personality side effects should likely be separate Virtues - like Latent Magic Ability - or Flaws - like Magical Air.


I should have realised it was too good to be true that we had stumbled onto something nobody else had thought of yet.