Through the Aegis: Developed Covenants

This might be a godsend to me. Depending on how the next year develops gaming-wise, my stalled ArM saga might be up for a start in summer. Judging from how long it takes for new books to reach me, this might arrive right in time for summer. (Just ordered Mythic Locations today - finally. )

I think there were four authors and five covenants. This was the reason i did not join the Vanilla covenants project: I was an author on this one and did not want to breach contract.

Grand Tribunal UK has led to many fine things: whether this title is one of them is down to choice. You can declare Wizard's War on the fiend responsible when the book comes out - I will be :slight_smile:

I'm with CJ on this.
And if we can argue for breach of Code then a March is a much better option than Wizard's War


this is the best title ever

I've been giggling about it for weeks.


Because your puns are that much better?

Certainly not! From a pun-wise point of view I envy this pun, and it's the sort of thing I might have said as well. But seeing as I've been pelted with a fair share of peanuts for uttering such things in an open forum I would have never dared risking this pun in a publication.
But, as it turns out this title was of all the suggestions the pun- ultimate one.

Right! I'm getting out the peanuts!