Throwing your voice?

Any rules (homebrew or otherwise) for throwing your voice out there?
Any spells created that allows you to throw your voice over long distances?

CrIm would do it. Long range could be vision or AC

Possibly ReIm as well- if your image can be placed a distance from your body the same should be possible for your voice.

HAUNT OF THE LIVING GHOST in core book p144 does this you can just remove a magnitude for only voice and no image ?

The spells are VERY nice! Now how would throwing your voice work as a skill?

You could make It a supernatural ability using the rules from House of Hermes societates p 104.


I'm starting to see here a Re(Mu)Im(Te) that makes the caster's voice solid and hurls it away against a target.

Just for the record, traditional 'throwing your voice' ventriloquism doesn't actually make the sound come from a different location. It's using vocal/audio tricks to make the sound feel as if it is: Softening the sound or muffling it to make it feel more distant. You could make someone hear a sound from your direction, make it sound squeaky like it's escaping from the bottle you're holding, but the sound is originating from your mouth.
If you're looking to simulate this in game, I suggest Presence + Ledgerdemain or Guile. (probably lower of the two) It's not 'difficult' to perform, but you need to figure out the trick, so I might include a penalty if somebody has never practiced it before. Opposed by the targets Perception + Awareness or Folk Ken.