TME . Teleporting non living plant products with Terram

A player in our group brought a spell base from transforming mythic Europe up where in the guideline for teleporting plants it says 'non living plant products are transported with Rego terram' which just struck me as a bit strange when I'd still say the relevant art would be herbam.

Is there some context I'm missing here for this? I did check errata and searched the forum but can't see anything about this?

Rego Terram is the generic TeFo combination for transporting non-living objects. Why? Because.
Requisites may or may not be needed to move objects made of animal or plant products. See TME p107.

There is a note about Terram spells in general in the core book which seems highly relevant:
"Terram spells, in addition to covering
earth, stone, clay, metal, and glass, can some-
times affect inanimate objects in general."

The context begins with ArM5 p.152 Terram Spells:

Terram Spells, in addition to covering earth, stone, clay, metal, and glass, can sometimes affect inanimate objects in general.

As dead plants, animals and human bodies turn to dust, this can be well explained in medieval terms and make spell design easier.

When TME p. 107 box New Guidelines for Instant Teleportation (and the errata for it) sorted out teleportation in general, we had the Rego Herbam, Rego Animal, and also the ArM5 p.134 box Rego Corpus Guidelines Rego Corpus base guideline all at level 10, but the base guideline for Rego Terram at level 4 only.

In that context it made sense to fall back to ArM5 p.152 and use Rego Terram to teleport non-living plant products. I wouldn't conclude from it, that Rego Herbam - with its higher base - must not be used for that, though.

Ok. This makes some more sense. I was reading it as the ReTe base was the same as the ReHe effect at lvl 10, but this is more because inanimate objects should be generally easier to do

Please note that base guidelines for Terram are usually for dirt/earth, you must add 1 mag for stone or glass, and 2 mags for metal or gemstone. So the base 4 becomes 10 if you want to be able to affect all Terram matter

As inanimate plant material is neither, AFAICS this is completely irrelevant for this thread - right?

You decide.
It was a reply to the quoted text about ReCo being base 10 but ReTe being base 4, in attempt to clear out why there was a difference. But maybe the point of it teleported itself away.

Hmm. If that were the reason, why would the Rego Aquam base be 4 as well? :thinking:

I understood - maybe wrongly - that teleporting animated matter was two magnitudes more demanding.

But the teleportation guidelines apparently do not consider teleporting animated stone or metal as special cases. This would then lead to distinguishing different kinds of animation - like natural animation (plants, animals, people) from supernatural animation (undead, golems, animated swords and such): the former being a reason to make teleporting more difficult, but not the latter.

Anyway, this just brings us farther and farther way from the thread's subject.

You got me!
Base 4 Re Aq is for natural liquids. So the +1 and +2 magnitudes are for slightly- and very unnatural liquids respectively?
That makes it a neat base 10 for all eventualities, to telepost both earth and water, plus wine and metal, as well as poison and gems?
That'd be my guess

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