TMRE Talisman errata

I have my own copy at last...
I can now realise many places where we made last-minute edits and missed ramifying changes...

One has already been posted about:
Immortal Magi should be able to open enchantment spaces in their Talisman without limit on the number of spaces (normally highest Te+highest Fo), otherwise they hit a hard maximum for learning.

Another lies in whether or not there is a prerequisite for Consummate Talisman.
Great Talisman and Inscription On The Soul both blather on about GT being a prerequisite for Consummate Talisman, however, CT itself does not mention this, nor really have any need for it (one is about attunements, the other about MuVi enchantments). Indeed Consummate Talisman lists the (other!) sacrifices you need to make to fit with CT (Deleterious Circumstances or Neccessary Condition).

I suggest you strike out from both GT & IotS any mention of prerequisites for Consummate Talisman.
Strike out references to CT replacing and superceding GT, and Ordeal bonuses for having IotS.
Leave Consummate Talisman as independent of either GT/IotS

Furthermore, IotS tries to assure the reader that it's a replacement for Great Talisman, and at some stage it might have been - but it isn't so in the published version.

Inscription On the Soul should say
a) you don't need to have Great Talisman in order to use Blending With Substance and get attunements from BWS
b) you can usefully have Great Talisman as well, in order to get the automatic attunements through living and using the talisman (and you won't get automatic Attunements without GT)

it should not say "you get no benefit from GT"
it should not say that either IotS or GT is a prerequisite for CT nor talk about CT replacing GT

Thanks for posting this here.