To Kill a Kraken (Spring 1241)

Guiverna perks up when she hears the music drifting over the docks. "Wait here, I'll be back soon," she tells the porters and Hervé.

Keep an eye on them, make sure they don't run away, she tells Semsuhfaw in Parseltongue as she bends over and lets him slide onto the dock.

She follows the sounds until she finds Carlos perched on the rock, and listens for a few minutes with a smile until he comes to a break.

"Good morning, sweetie," she says as she gives him a hug and a peck on the cheek. "I trust you slept well?

"Have we secured a ship yet, or are we still waiting?"

[tab][/tab]I slept easier when I was younger and carefree. I am still optimistic about everything, I just find myself caring about things more than I used to. He sets down his guitar and stars our across the sea, the calm waves glittering in the morning light. I have seen so many people come and go. Friends who died in battle or retired to peaceful lives. Countless women, and I loved each and every one of them. And in all the endless turnover and change, it never really bothered me. The only constant has been hanging out with Roberto since we were teenage boys. Even then, we have had our arguments and there were times I was ready to just up and go my own way. Never did, and I am glad for it. He picks up his guitar again and strums a few chords. as he thinks of what to say next, using the musical interlude as a place holder :laughing:
[tab][/tab]As of late I have started to miss people. It started when Pedro died. You don't know him. He was our third. Also knew him as a teenager. But all men must die, eh? Especially in our line of work.
[tab][/tab]But there was this woman back at, what was the name of that place..., Mons Electi. Now I remember. The maid of a senior maga that resided there. I never lay with the maid. I did with the maga, but that was because I wanted to show her what love could really mean and help set her life on a better course. Only the once. I have a policy that says once you try Carlos, it is either only Carlos or no more Carlos. I have trouble resisting handing out the first free sample. But I never have backslid on my rule. A man must maintain his dignity.
[tab][/tab]But this maid, she had kids. The children were delightful fun! I would play in the snow with them and she would serve us warm beverages and soup. And we would talk and talk and talk. I miss that. The children are all grown by now for sure, and life goes on.
[tab][/tab]Now, here on Ibiza, this is the longest Roberto and I have ever resided in a single location. And I am over fifty years old. There are the responsibilities of attachment to home that weigh upon me like never before. I am a grown ass man, I am a military officer, and I have both duty and affection to my position..
[tab][/tab]Then he puts his arm around Guiverna, touching her shoulders, but never looking at her. Instead, his gaze is locked on the water, his other arm stretched out pointing at he horizon. Yet the sea calls to me! I am no sailor. A few times, no expert. Same with Roberto. He knows just enough to know how to fake it. Make fun of him for his lack of Aquam, he hates it :laughing:.
[tab][/tab]Like me, his experience is mainly limited to riding on a ship at sea. But understand this, it is not the surface or shore that calls me. It is the currents at the bottom of the sea that I long for. And I know it calls to him as well. His true love is the Queen of the Tritons, and they would be wed if it were not for el estupido's issues with inadequacy.
[tab][/tab]But I understand him. He does not want to be Mister Queen, but he loves her so much that he is desperate to make himself her equal. He cannot let it go. Ever. I am afflicted as well. I have my duties here, I have finally grown to a position of authority and I am woe to ever forsake it. But there is a woman I once loved, a woman who also dwells under the sea, a woman that I miss.
[tab][/tab]Life goes on. Eh?
[tab][/tab]Carlos slaps his thighs as he stands up. So what do you say we go and wake old Captain Johan up. See if the Betty is ready to load.I know the guy. Sailed with him before. Navigated the Devil's Teeth while drunk. He is Johan Junior's pappy. Strange old dude. You will like him.

"You long for love," Guiverna scoffs. "As many people as say they do, you'd think they'd have no problem finding each other.

"I'm not disparaging what you say. At least you know what you want, even if it eludes your grasp. And I commend you on knowing the difference between desire and love. Too many people confuse the two, think that their lust for someone is proof of their undying love, or that if they truly love someone they're not allowed to lust after them.

"I'm always disappointed when people think that because I give them my body for the night, that I am giving myself to them entirely. I don't have time for that."

She gazes off into the distance for a moment. "I know you don't honor the true gods, but I would like to pray for you anyway." Guiverna then sings in French.

♪♫ "O beautiful Hathor, mother of creation, lady of beauty, queen of the sky, beloved of the mighty Ra, and she who I pray welcomes me into the next life, I come to you not on my own behalf but that of my dear friend Carlos. He whose heart longs for your touch, which desires above all else to be truly loved. I beg that you grant his heart's desire and bring him the love he deserves."♫♪

Um, okay...
Thanks for that. Hey! What do you say we go wake up the captain and see if the ship is ready. :smiley:

"Of course. The sooner the better."

The two of you walk down the shore to the boat. Carlos whistles a little tune as he leads the way. Coming upon theBetty, Old Johan is just startling to pick himself up and dust himself off. A sailor tries to help him up and he shakes him off with a command to find him something to drink and wake up with. Carlos walks on over to chat with the old salty sea dog. Guiverna contemplates joining in, but before she can she hears a voice behind her.
Hey, you are Vibria I think? We met briefly at Bellaquin. My name is Edith Andorra, but you can just call me Dora.

Guiverna stops, rolls her eyes, and takes a deep breath as she turns around. "No, I'm not Vibria. I'm better looking and less whiny."

Does the name and/or face seem familiary to Guiverna, from her two years at Bellaquin? Int 1 + die roll of 7 = 8, plus whatever Ability might be appropriate (if any).

I apologize. I know how you feel. I say the same thing about my twin sister.

Guiverna remebres Vulcanus being there only a few seasons, and her affair with him was brief but passionate. He may be an @$$hole, but he is a virile bull when it comes to coitus.
And he had two sons with him the entire time, but the two girls were with him only that very last season. His apprentices. This is one of them.

"Why do people keep saying we look alike?" she mutters to herself in French.

"I think I remember you. You were at Bellaquin with Vulcanus, back in '36. You're looking well."

She looks past Dora, as if she's looking for someone. "Is Vulcanus with you?"

Oh, no. We finally ditched the guy. There is some goofy Norn prophecy we can't figure out or remember right. But I figure, anyway it is interpreted, he is stuck in the Magic Realm until at least 1247. So we're cool.
Amd I apologize. I thought you were Vibria. You two look almost exactly alike. That is why dirty old Vulc had a thing for you, y'know. Can't stand the guy. My sister and I rolled with him that one time mainly out of a sense of mischief more than lust. And lo and behold, here I am. Dora of Flambeau, maga and mother at age 22. Pops would be proud hahahaha.

"Too bad. He could have helped pass the time, as long as he didn't talk too much. Ah well...I'm sure I'll make do." She pauses to ogle some of the sailors again.

"'re a maga already? How long were you an apprentice?"

"Don't be rude, Guiverna," Semsuhfaw says in Latin from where he lies on the dock at her feet.

Eh, long enough. Part of the plan behind this trip is for me to prove myself.

"To who?" Guiverna asks as she bends over to pick up Semsuhfaw and drape him around her shoulders.

She waves to Hervé and the porters before she starts to head toward the gangplank to get on the boat.

Acutus makes his way down to the shore where the ship is docked. He's wearing a cheap pair of leather trousers...and nothing else. "Ah, the smell of the sea in the morning. Is there a better scent in all the world?" he asks to no one in particular. "Edith, right?' he asks of the young maga. "This should be fun."

"To Roberto," Lucas says in response to Guiverna's comment, as he makes his way onto the ship. "Roberto's looking to recognize her as a magus early, the way he was. It's a Flambeau thing. If she's successful in proving herself, he'll recognize her as a magus early. Then she'll be neither fish nor fowl until her fifteen years of apprenticeship are over. Not 100% magus and not 100% apprentice, but somewhere in between."

He touches his brow and nods to the others. "Good to see you all. And good luck, Edith."

Yes. Edith Andorra Rudolphius. Most people just call me Dora. Or they used to. Nicknames are for little girls I guess.
Then she whispers to Acutuss off to the side. [size=85]Hey, what's with that Gweevee chick? Seems a little full of herself. Or is it just me?[/size]

Roberto approaches the ship just at this moment.
[color=red]She already proved herself. She is a killer of giants, and she whipped my ass in a test Dimicatio. She claims the right of a Battlefield Gauntlet, and in the absence of any Master, no one denies her claim. She has nothing to prove to me. I already accepted her and taught her the Parma Magica. She needs to prove herself to the Order at large, a public record of her prowess to insure none may dispute her status.
And she is 100% magus already. Oath administered by Cornelius Bonisagus the Quaesitor of the North. Nothing binds her to me. But we do have an agreement. I will be her mentor and supplement her training, in exchange for her service as my sidekick and squire.
But yeah, much the same as I was. When my pater was killed and I avenged his death, I was but a seventh year apprentice. It was declared a Battlefield Gauntlet, and I was taught Parma. I could have gone anywhere I wanted, but Santiago took me under his wing and furthered my training. And I am much the better off for it.
It is sort of like I am "paying forward" the favor that was done for me.
Now with this sea monster, I will let Edith have a crack at it and show what she can do. But it is most important that we neutralize the thing. As a team. The girl needs to learn the value of working with others.

Guiverna gazes at Acutus hungrily as he approaches. "Hello, sweetie," she says with a smile.

"I'll be happy to do what I can to bring that thing down."

[size=85]moving right along...[/size]

The ship is launched! A-sail on the shining seas of morning, the grey-white sails of the Betty fill with wind. Flags aflutter; the griffon/dragon symbol of Andorra, the lady serpent and trident of the Novus Mane cove, the encircled heptagram of Roberto. The ship heaves up and down, coasting atop the waves and splashing against them. The old captain stands steady at the helm, in a state of calm concentration.

At about Noon, Roberto calls for a conference with the other magi to discuss his plan.
[color=red]So, does anyone have any ideas?

We can play this out, or I can just write an ending. I would prefer to just write an ending and move along with the future. I will ask for input first though.