Top Ten Medieval Stories of 2010

A friend send me this link and I thought others might like to take a look. ... s-of-2010/

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Matt Ryan

Great link, Matt! Thank you.


Interesting, thank you.

thank you

Not a top ten story, but anther fun link a friend sent me over the holidays. This hits my nerd button. I think a hex map of medieval Europe is cool. I might print it out and hang it next to my hex maps of the World of Greyhawk. (Total nerd indicator)

Matt Ryan

Nerdy, oh dear no, that map is a superb help for quick reference. It has lots of details that can otherwise be immensly annoying to properly locate when you need it. Excellent.
Saved and likely to come into use one way or another.

Just another voice repeating that that Hex map is a thing of sheer beauty. Not the most granular of scales, of course, but on the level of detail it does provide, so useful!

Nice!! Both the link and the hex map :slight_smile:

I also liked the 2009 link. The great fish trap in Wales sounds like a vis source or secondary source of income to me. Probably both.

You like medieval Europe being hex-gridded? — Ages ago, I drew a simple political map of an area that comprises the Rhine and Greater Alps Tribunals. It was originally meant to serve for generic geographical purposes only, and I found it a little too nerdy in the context of ArM, but it has proven useful for characters not fortunate enough to be ReCo-specialists or Redcaps. However, it became pretty much useless as soon as the canonical, much more detailed Tribunal map was available as a free supplement for GotF.