Tormenting Master

I have a Verditius PC in my saga that has the Tormenting Master flaw. We have not done anything with it yet. The PC mage is an oblivious inventor type who still likes to travel about and "meddle" (His other story flaw). His parens was a cold and cruel master who thought his last student would amount to little and was happy to get him out of the lab upon gauntlet. Another thing to consider is that another player is developing another Verditius who has taken as an Enemy another Verditius who caused the death of his Pater. I would like to introduce the tormenting master before the new PC comes looking for revenge (maybe against the master's former student - our bumbling PC). Any thoughts?

The tormenting master could undercut the Verditius' commissions on a regular basis.

Perhaps the master makes a point of challenging to Certamen any mage who commissions a work from the apprentice, on some trumped up charge, over ownship rights to the item. "That magical sword is rightfully mine! The little whelp stole my magical anvil, and any item made upon it belongs to me!." He may not actually WIN the contests, but the rep of the PC goes down. Eventaully, mages refuse to deal with the PC because it's always so embarrassing to have to deal with the crazy Pater.

and are you saying the new verditius' enemy is the bumbling PC?

A couple more ideas:

The parens might send a mundane agent to the covenant to commision a work, with an offer to good to pass up. If the Verditius accepts the commission and delivers the item, the Parens could bring the PC up on charges of breaking the code at the next tribunal, or sooner. Lots of good role-playing material here, as the PC must defend himself, and try to prove his master is out to get him.

A particularly malicious parens could hire one of his agents to commission an item, and pay the PC with infernal Vis. Potential accidents ensue in the lab.

Only problem with the first suggestion, firth, is that a Verditius MAY sell up to one item per year to a mundane buyer. Perhaps to elaborate, it could be that the mundane agent seeks to buy more than one item or has been keeping tabs on the target Verditus' venditore and knows that he has already sold his one item for that year.

Just a bit of precision to help avoid outcries of "but the rules say.." :wink:

thanks boXer. I've never played or had a Verditius in my saga. Wasn't aware of that rule....

There are also items a verditius, or any magus really, may not sell. Perhaps one of those. (Like magic items that don't fade with age, IIRC.)

What is IIRC?

Yes, I agree that magi aren't really supposed to be selling greater invested items or talismans to mundanes (why they would want to for anything other than vis, which mundanes generally do not have nor know about, is beyond me), but that's more of a nuance than a strict matter of the Code.

From what Ive read, the Order would just likely purchase back any such overpowered devices or replace them with charged or lesser enchanted items anyways.

IIRC = If I Read Correctly

(I think)

If I Recall Correctly, in fact.
It does come up a lot when mentioning stuff in books that the person's not looking at at the moment, so the misunderstanding's easy to see.


If I Remember Correctly


Sorry for the off topic question. Now back to the Tribunal issue :wink: