Total Lunar Eclipse

Is there anything in canon as to how a total Lunar Eclipse (and the much rarer total Solar Eclipse) might affect magic, Hermetic or otherwise?

If nothing else, what happens to a Lycanthrope during a total Lunat Eclipse?
A temporary reversion?

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There is no indication that anything special happens to any kind of magic during an eclipse.

Not all lycanthropes are affected by the lunar cycle - some follow other astrological cycles. Probably nothing special would happen to any of them either.

I would bump up Infernal or faerie auras for the duration and maybe use itvas a pretext for a powerful creature aligned to that realm to slip its bonds and come do stuff.

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Considering it's rarity, it would be a perfect vehicle for a prophecy to be fulfilled; some epic diabolic plot with lots of chanting and bloodshed, etc.

What is the mythic europe explanation for eclipses of both types? Our scientific knowledge, some other body blocking the light, doesn't sound like it would be the explanation.

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The explanation of eclipses - how Earth, Moon and Sun had to align - actually worked already, even with the cosmology being different. Check it out here:

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I reread the description in the core book. The other astrological cycles have to be monthly.
Still, Full Moon is the traditional period for my troupe.

I think it is safe to say we have all watched Ladyhawke


My general take would be for solar eclipses to affect the balance of divine and infernal auras (benefit infernal, weaken divine) while lunar eclipses will be more likely to affect faerie auras, with waxing or waning depending on the nature of whose aura it is.


And anyone who hasn't, I recommend watching this fine movie.

I don't recall any solid rules. But thinking of hermetic magic, maybe lunar eclipses end spells with Moon duration (since Moon spells last "until both the new and full moon have set"), and through the eclipse no spell with Moon duration can be cast (in the same way that spells with Sabbath duration fail if cast on the Sabbath, according to RoP:D).

I don't think there is any reason for a lyncanthrope to reverse during lunar eclipse, but maybe a slight buff would be appropriate?

There are some mentions of solar and lunar eclipses in the Bible (Acts 2:20 and Matthew 24:29, for example), usually as a presage of the Second Coming.

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thanks for the explanation.