touch: group spells

I want to verify something with you sodales.
Let's say I enchant an item, which my magus will hold and actvate himself, to be able to cast a protective spell on a group of persons standing in close proximity. Is touch range sufficient, since one of the group will be the item holder? I do not want my grogs to have to "hold hands" or anything. If not, what range would be necessary?

Secondary question: is the answer to the above different in 4th and 5th edition? (We are still using 4th edition in this saga, with touch-reach-near-far ranges)


Group is read with the Form.

If Group is for corpus, then yes : touching 1 of the group is touching the group (it's like touching a part of a room (wall...) is touching the room, or touching the ground is touching boundary).

If group is for another Form, it might depend... but a priori, i think the same process of thinking worth it.

I play and know only 5th. Never played neither read any 4th book.

Range is defined as the range to the closest part of the target so in fifth you're good.

I'll see if I can check the fourth ed rules later for you.