Touched by [Realm] - Doubts

Hi, i was checking the Virtue from C&G, and i was thinking...
Should the Wondrous have the same limits?
Should differents [Realm] alignements to Magic use Guidelines from Maleficia, Faery Wizardry or Holly Magic?
Should Wondrous Items have the Limit of Ritual Effects, but maintaning heir traditonal limits (Ritual Effects inscribed, and taht things)?
Thanks by answers.

Wondrous items created through the Touched by [Realm] Virtue use exactly the same mechanics of plain Hermetic items (with a handful of extra limitations, e.g. no penetration, limited range etc.) regardless of the Realm. In other words, if you cannot do it with a plain Hermetic enchantment, you can't do it with a Wondrous Item.

I suspect that the metagame reason for this is to allow one full use of C&G material without forcing one to buy the respective Realms of Power books (a design choice I like a lot). An in-game reason may be that a large portion of Hermetic theory was developed by analysing Wondrous Items - in some sense it's not Wondrous Items that mimic Hermetic magic, but Hermetic magic that mimics (and slightly extends) Wondrous Items. Note that there are ways to create mystical items (e.g. Craft Amulets, certain Maleficia etc.) that exceed the limits of Hermetic item creation; it's just that the Touched by [Realm] Virtue is not one of them.

Ok, thanks for the opinon.
I was questioning because i've made a Magi Jerbiton of the Carolinus Lineage, and i thought about the true limits.
Seeing the Vis independence, i think that you have the point.