Training, teaching and free seasons

I posted this on the berkeley list yesterday, but I'll repeat it here. I'm sorry if this has been covered, I tried searching but couldn't narrow the results enough to make it feasible to go over all of it.

I have been rereading the chapter on advancement when I noticed it
mention that, for normal characters, the concept of seasons was
abstract. That the character worked all year long, but, for advancement
purposes, gained exposure in 2 seasons and something else (if available)
on the other two.

"Oh!", I said. Ok, a carpenter builds tables all year long, but he could
find himself time to study something else for two seasons worth of time
in that year.

"So," I continued, "this means this teacher can actually gain something
else two seasons a year, instead of 4 seasons of exposure!"

And then I kept reading, and stumbled upon Training. The carpenter can
work all year long AND train someone! Ok. But... "The master only gains
Exposure experience in the seasons spent training the apprentice."

Mmmmm. So he can't make his tables, teach his apprentice, AND study
theology on his weekends. Well, it makes sense. His free time is being
spent, well, training.

And so I kept reading, and stumbled upon Teaching. Now, this is were
things got tricky. "A teacher may gain exposure to Teaching or the
language of instruction, but cannot do anything else in a season when
she is teaching."

Mmmmm. So a teacher can't teach and be trained on the fine art of
table-making? Or practice swordfighting, etc? He earns a live teaching,
but cannot have free seasons?

No, Training can be done while the carpenter works, during those two seasons for which he only gets Exposure. It doesn't consume "free time". But if he had wanted to learn Animal Handling, he'd have had to use his free time.

As for the teacher, it depends on whether his job is to teach, or if he does have "truly free" seasons to dedicate to teaching others. The seasons needs to be "truly free" because Teaching precludes any simultaneous activity.

Whether "free" seasons are "truly free" varies which social status.

Carpenter: Work+Train (gain Exposure), Work+Train (gain Exposure), Free, Free.

Teacher: Teach (gain Exposure), Teach (gain Exposure), Free, Free

Volunteer Teacher: Work (gain Exposure), Work (gain Exposure), Teach (gain Exposure), Teach (gain Exposure).

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