Tranform into a dragon

Hi everybody !

I wonder how a magus can change his shape into a dragon (magical or natural whatever). I was thinking about a Muto Corpus base 25 with animal requisite + the might force of the creature, if any. So at least a level 40 spell lasting a day.

What do you think of that ? what level should it be ? And If it is possible, can the dragon be built with "realms of power : magic" ?

thanks for your help.

PS : Sorry for my english, I'm french...

Yes, well...

I'd add a Vim requisite, with a magnitude cost, for making a magical creature rather than a big lizard.

I'd add further requisites (with cost) depending on the Form of any powers the creature is supposed to have. These powers should be of levels considerably lower than the spell, or else they should cost further magnitudes.

If the dragon has more than one supernatural power, I'd consider adding further magnitudes to represent them.

But yes, for a limited time, the magus can transform itself into a dragon, with stats as per the Realms of Power: Magic book. Of course, he'd still be a human underneath, so could be affected by Co and Me spells.


Thanks for your answer

So a Muto corpus spell
Base 25
Requisite : Vim, animal, +1 form depending on the major power of the beast

  • the might force of the creature
    With no power > 1/3 of the level of this spell.
    Last a day

So a level 50 + might force

That seems good. It may calm my players, at least for a while...

Also consider how to treat powers that cost Might points. Obviously, the player won't have any might points! The simplest solution is to use Fatigue instead of Might; I'd have each Fatigue level provide (Might Pool)/5 points, and allow keeping points not yet spent as a temporary pool, to power future powers (within the spell's duration).

Finally, remember that you can push the level up or down if it doesn't seem appropriate. Don't feel bound to obey these guidelines if the result seems off.

"might force"? the character can have might so easily... what do you mean?

I'll add rather the size magnitude, because as is, this spell transform in a size 0 dragon... quite little ^^

Note also that the guidelines for creating a creature with Might (CrAn) say that the Might must be lower than the spell level. So you can go with that, if you want to, instead of piling on the Might on top of the other elements.

Interesting, I don't notice that...

So a Muto corpus spell
Base 25
Requisite : Vim, animal, +1 form depending on the major power of the beast
Magic might < spell level
With no power > 1/3 of the level of this spell.
Last a day
+1 magnitude per size of the beast

Powers costs : 1 level of fatigue per 5 might cost of the effect.

But like this, we can create a dragon (or any other magic creature) whith a magic might of 40 or a little more. Accordig to the rules of "realms of power : magic" it become very serious :open_mouth:

Yes, and that fiery dragon will be pleased in destroying the covenant.
So, don't forget the Rego requisite :smiley:

i'd say : +1 magnitude = x10 size so only +3 size (double mass)

Apologies for threadomancy, but this thread is relevant to my current character design and I could do with further thoughts.

I have a character who wants to turn into a dragon WITHOUT might, fiery breath and any other supernatural powers. He doesn't need the fiery breath because he already has spells that do this.

So I'm thinking

Base 25
+2 sun
+2 size to add +6 size to the size +1 of a corpus/animal spell

Would he need the vim requisite for the fact that its a magical creature?

I can't see any way this shouldn't be a ritual. Its about as epic as it gets.

Final Spell

Transformation into the Terrible Wyrm
MuCo(An, Vi?)45 - Ritual
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Ind
Turn into a dragon of +7 size complete with claws, wings, teeth and thick armoured scales.
(Base 25, +2 sun, +2 size)

...might as well make it moon and l50; or 55 with that vim to make it a 55 might wyrm O_O that would be pretty hillariously nuts... 55 might critters aint exactly ...nice...
But yeah... transforming into a mighty dragon is suitably epic to require a ritual, any creature with might thinking about it... 'I'll transform all my grogs into firebreathing, might 30 drakes' ...wops? what you mean 'generic magic resistance monopoly?'

I don't really see why you'd need Vim, if you want none of the dragon's powers. well, I can, but 5th edition has tried to cut down on the "everything needs more requisites" that used to be a trend.
Not even sure I'd ask you to make it a ritual. Yes, it's impressive, but it's very temporary and you not getting to fry people with your breath.
Not sure I'd let you fly with this either, but probably.

I'd argue that flight is a "natural" thing that a dragon can do, and is fully within the understanding of physics in Mythic Europe. As such, transforming into a dragon with wings allows you to fly, just like transforming into a bird would. It's magical aspects are its intelligence and its ability to breathe fire (if it's of a type that does), not its flight capability.

With that in mind, I agree that there's no real need to have Vim as a requisite - pretty sure the current convention is just to use the form the effect uses; so Ignem for fire breathing. I'm not seeing any requirement to add in the form that the beast is associated with - otherwise you'd need to add in Ingem to transform into a land predator, or aquam to transform into a fish.

I also agree that there's no real reason to have it as a ritual: it's not breaking any Hermetic boundaries, and it's (arguably) less impressive than just jacking yourself up to the size of a titan.