Transylvania Contents

The much-anticipated Transylvanian Tribunal sourcebook for Ars Magica is almost ready for press! Get a preview of the book with the Table of Contents we just posted on its product page:

Isn't it "Lake Balaton", not "Batalon"? Just noticed because I read up on it after it being mentioned with the Men of the Lake in RoP:M. :slight_smile:

P.S.: I just love the sound of "Certamen for Love" - really interested to see what's in it! :smiley:
P.P.S.: Okay. I'm stoked. Really, really, really can't wait to read it all! :astonished:

In Hungarian, there's no "The", no. In American English, there's a "The". Also, it makes the text flow better in some places: otherwise there are places where it looks like the name of a town.

Which is to say: you're right, in an in-game world sense.

I think you're not getting my meaning here.

I meant the name is spelled "Batalon" in the table of contents, whereas I'm pretty sure it should be spelled "Balaton" (just as it was in Realms of Power: Magic).

But then again, I know nothing of the Hungarian language, so... :smiley:

Oh, that's a good catch. 8)

I was quite puzzled by Timothy's post myself :laughing:

Google and wikipedia seem to agree with you: