Transylvanian Tribunal variant

Can it? I thought the ind/group limit on Creo spells had no exceptions (noble's parma!).

I did too, until it was pointed out to me that it was relevant only for spells which actually created something new, not spells simply healing what already exist.

But is this spelled out somewhere explicitly or is it just a "logical deduction"?

p 113?

Now that Legends of Hermes is out , you may want to look at The Sunken Laboratory of Hermanus , page 95.

Thanks! I'm not planning to buy that book.
When did his disappearance happen? Is there any special thing about the issue?

Lifetime: c.940AD - 1098AD (Final Twilight) (page 95)

Having a large chunk of the Domus Magna vanish would be pretty significant.
Page 97:

There is also Adventure: Search for the Sunken Laboratory , starting on page 99.
Don't really want to type up any spoilers for those who may want to play this.
Respective SGs may also be in agreement.

Thanks. It's enough.

I put some historical story seeds to the tribunal description. Some of them may be included in the FAQ you make. You may find them at the bottom of the page. ... lvania.htm