Travel Fatigue

According to the Grogs book, you gain two long-term fatigue for each day of travel when you factor in your Athletics or Ride into your overland travel distance, yet you can apparently regain two per night of sleep (at least for a few days)? I was under the impression that a good night's rest only recovered a single long-term fatigue. Is resting from overland travel an exception for some reason, or am I missing something?

Is the fatigue from traveling by coach also for the passenger, or just the horse and driver?

Yes, you normally only gain one Long-Term Fatigue Level per night, and yes, overland travel resting is a specific exception.

I would figure it's just for the horse(s) and driver.

Being jostled around in a carriage for hours may be less tiring, but it's still tiring. Consider car, jet, or train travel.