Travelling Quaesitor Show (1220.1)

"There are a lot of hedge magicians in the covenant," he acknowledges. "As you note, the leader is a hedge wizard." Seven years of being at Mac Gruagach makes him avoid the use of the word 'hedgies.' "I must say that in all that time I never saw a hint that there was any improper sharing of information." He shrugs. "But perhaps you're right. Over time, even the most careful person will make a mistake. As they say, 'even Homer nods.' So it may well be an unstable situation."

"I'm curious, though. What do you think of our covenant? Do you think it can pull back from Winter and regain its lost glory?"

[color=red]"Vis source ownership isn't that formalized here," Whitburh says. [color=red]"Taigh Gogar keeps a list of vis sources that are claimed by various covenants and aonaranan, but it doesn't really offer any protection if you let anyone else harvest vis from a source your covenant claims as its own.

"If it's simply a coin that yields Vis, I would simply give it to the covenant. If you want to list it with the Redcaps, you may, but it's not a requirement."

[color=red]"As well as can be expected. At least I didn't have to walk the whole way. Thank you." She helps herself to the offered food and nibbles politely.

[color=red]"How are you finding your new home so far?"

Whitburh smiles. [color=red]"Sometimes that's the point."

[color=red]"You're a new magus, aren't you. Do you think you'd have been better with your pater than striking out on your own?"

Whitburh thinks for a minute. [color=red]"There's a lot of history here, and I think you've done well to come into a covenant with an experienced maga like Eilid. It's unfortunate what Faileas did, and I wish that the others had decided to stay, but I think you have a golden opportunity here if you can take advantage of it."

Corbin answers "It's a great place, the wider covenant I mean, not just the magical aspects. It might seem shaken by the departure of all the magi for whatever reasons, however the covenfolk are a strong group. They rightfully distrust newcomers."I'm hoping that the new magi are able to integrate. We're all odd fish in a new pond"
A small morsel of food floats from Corbin's plate and ends in front of the black and white cats mouth. "This lot are strange, that dead dragon, the loch beastie, and the one with the crows are stand outs. And so are you C.", and he plonks the food into his mouth.
Corbin smiles and continues, "what can we expect from the other covenants in terms of reviving this covenant and the relationships it had before?"

[color=red]"That's true of any covenant."

[color=red]"Insula Canaria didn't really have any staunch allies or enemies in the Tribunal. As most of the deals were brokered by an idiosyncratic Criamon, their alliances would often shift from one hour to the next at the Tribunal meetings."

Hope is glad there won't be much paper work or difficulty. "Well, that's nice. I just don't want pointless confusion or get tripped up over red tape. I've already given the coin to the covenant. Anyway I'll send a letter to Taigh Gogar with a Redcap. I'm hungry, so I'll take my leave. Thank you again."

Corvus raises an eyebrow at this. Do you often change faces based on your job? Now you wish to appear friendly or perhaps attract a mate you have a nice face. ((His voice is sincere.))

You ask questions like a Criamon Corvus once met. Corvus finds that it is better to think of what is now verses what might have been.

"That's one of the things that drew me here," Gavin replies. "The covenant has Eilid in charge to give us a strong backbone. But the rank-in-file magi are all relatively young. That means there's a lot of room for advancement in the covenant. In the end, I truly think that Insula Canaria has a great future ahead of it. I wouldn't have come here otherwise."

[color=red]"An intimidating appearance can come in handy when dealing with a guilty conscience. On the other hand, it's also good to remind people that I'm not necessarily the enemy."

[color=red]"And better yet to work for what may yet be."

[color=red]"I would love to see Insula Canaria become one of the cornerstones of the Tribunal. Not many covenants can claim to have lasted as long as this place has."

Corbin then asks "how is it that the tribunal only has one Quaesitor? Its normal for a few isn't it?"

"We're in agreement on that," Gavin replies. "Though I would like to see Insula Canaris gain fame for its future actions not its past. I honor the history that the covenant has had. But I look for it to prove itself in the days to come."

[color=red]"We actually have two. We have that ******** Southron Trutina in Burnham, but she's right useless."

Corvus looks puzzled. So it is common to change a face based on what you need or want?

Bea is sure to meet the resident Quaesitor.

[color=blue]"I am Redcap Beatrix of Mercere, filia August. It is nice to meet you. It seems in this region you are in a lonelier role, somewhat akin to mine. Elsewhere there are many more Guernicas magi. Gifted Mercere are always rare, but even here at least I have many Redcap brethren."

Whitburh shrugs. [color=red]"Not really," she says with a smile.

[color=red]"Pleasure to meet you, as well. It's been ages since we've had a Gifted Mercere in Loch Leglean. I'm a little surprised that you didn't take up residence in Taigh-Gogar. What brought you here?"

"Ah, well then perhaps we will only meet her at Tribunals and such. I'm looking forward to the tribunal although I've no idea how they're run. Are topical issues distributed in advance, or are many items brought as they are?"