Travels to Paris- Autumn 1199

Jerome and Mireilla head to Paris- presumedly attempting a regio network as their first method...
roll area lore+intelligence for both Lyon and number 9, for the planed point of departure and arrival.

The Summer has been long and the horrible stench of garbage and rotting matter, humanity in general, has been hard so hard for poor Mireilla. But her little shop is coming along, a haven, a little piece of Paradise, how scandalous! The child, Joa, is not altogether hopeless. So it all bodes well for next year.
She has spent part of the silver the scholars have given her, and neighbors, and a ruffian or two, will keep an eye out on her closed shop, while she goes "vacationing" to Paris.
She strolls leisurely, getting her mind in the right frame, and now she can see the hidden corners, the too long alleyways, the ancient markets. She walks and walks and twilight descends. She...crosses over and arrives at Colonia Copia Felix Munatia, ancient Lugdunum, a wall and the ancient Ancient Theater of Fourvièrelies below her.

She hurries into the city, using back alleys to reach the inn of... where Jerome of Jerbiton awaits. "Good evening sir.And how has your Summer been. How do the scholars fare?" She pays particular attention to his scent.

Down in the theater is a shrine, dedicated to the muses, but Mireilla knows it also connects to another site, the muses do not seem to be of magic, but the guardian of this site is connected to the sun, a bright gleaming figure who will challenge them in the crafts- Mireilla can generally make it through by her knowledge of perfume, and she suspects there is some relationship between this guardian and the spirit which first saved her life, though this guardian keeps referring to her as being Egyptian for some reason she has yet to fathom.

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They meet in Lyon, is that right?

Jerome smiles as he can see Mireilla. «Good evening Mireilla. Oh. The Covenant is much as last year. I have been so cught up in the books and correspondence that I have totally neglected the garden. How about yourself? Is business any good?»

It's closer to Bentalone than Toulouse!

Like a breath of fresh air that balances the humors! Things are in motion, and prosperity beckons!
Humorous shock Neglected the garden! I hope your servants serve you in good stead, and can hold the line while you are about other business.
She brings out a packet which she rubs delicately near Jerome's face. A mint and rose admixture, with a hint of violets. She inhales deeply There, your garden is now with you, for the nonce

Jerome takes a deep sniff of the scent. «Yes, that's better than my garden at the moment. The servants are good, but it is not the garden of my dreams,» he says sadly. «I am very curious about your travel arrangements ... I understand we can be in Paris before nightfall?»

Better to experience it rather than explain, or so my gran used to say. grinning But: some cities are... connected. Walk down a narrow alley and you may come to a different place and time. From Lugdunum to Lutetia is a leisurely stroll in the park!

More reflective There are minders, but they know me, or my kin from long ago.
So we'd best behave!

«Any rules of etiquette that I need to learn?»

Just follow me closely. She looks at Jerome with intensity If we are addressed, I, and only I will answer. If I say step here, or don't look at that, you'd best attend me real quick.
More relaxed I ken as a scholar this traveling... method might arouse professional interests. But such attention may simply bar my ways. So I beg you, Jerome Jardinus, please defer to me in these matters, as I defer to you and the scholars in other matters

Can your man follow orders? more softly to Jerome, looking at his guard grog.

More loudlyI have business in Paris, but I will prioritize getting you and your man settled nods and smiles demurely at Jerome's grog. and even if I have to leave after a week or so, we can settle on a time and place where I may return for you, or where you may leave a message for me in its stead

Jerome looks at the grog, and mentally reviews his memory of his service before he says «yes, he can behave,» and turning to the grog, «you heard her.» Jerome is a little uneasy, but he says «agreed, let's go.»

(the roll for travel to Paris was successful as well, the regio is probably in some older part of Lyon and arrives at some ancient building in Paris, unless @silveroak has a particular preference)

Then let's jaunt, the air in here was getting stale! she says cheerfully She leads them on a walk that is about as long as a stroll in the park, and they arrive in Paris, City of Lights (anachronistic, yes! :wink:)

You don't just skip the travel "Ways my be guarded or belong to creatures"
You step into the regio as the sun approaches noon, and within the entryway is what appears to be a workshop, with tools of a variety of crafts. A tall glowing man is busy within and looks up "Nope. Nope Nope, if you want to take a shortcut through my workshop, you need to pay the price, oath, labor or vis, everyone pays the toll."

surprised, but hides it well, immediately coy and demureOh! You have me at a disadvantage, good sir! I am Mireilla, a parfumier, lately from Lugdunum, and we seek the way of Lutetia! (waits expectantly for the glowing smith to respond)

We mean no disrespect, it is plain your shop is of the greatest quality, and your time, valuable. Would you name what you would consider fair payment for inconveniencing you so?
(waits expectantly for the glowing smith to respond)

Perhaps a longer term arrangement may be reached? It would not do to distract you from your work every time
(waits expectantly for the glowing smith to respond)

(@silveroak, Mireilla will be very attentive, looking at everything she sees in the eldritch shop. She is trying to gauge the glowing craftsman's motives, not sure if Folk Ken or if Magic Lore)

Jerome is startled, but does not speak. He watches and learns.

It would be magic lore
"Oh, my young Egyptian has returned. An hour of service in crafting would be payment enough, or an oath to pay this within a year. Per person. Or a pawn of vis for up to 5."

«An hour?» Jerome starts to whisper to Mireila, before he changes his mind and stops short. Better not intererrupt.

(Mireilla rolls an 11, total, on Per + Magic Lore)
(Is this being amenable to Bargaining)

Bright smile Yes, it is I! These prices seem fair and reasonable! The prospect of aiding in such an enterprise has me giddy! Although, how exactly would one of my fragile sex be expected to contribute in such a wondrous shop? In 1 hour as the Sun moves across the skies of Paris? In 1 year in the Fall of 1199?

(Hehehe, would an hour of crafting for this being be an hour in the mundane world? Heavy labour could also kill Mireilla quite literally, as she has -3 Str )

"Surely you have some craft you are skilled in which you could work to lessen my load (this is where Mireilla typically offers her services as a parfumier, either now or by oath)"

Yea, I am well-versed in the craft of the Parfumier! It is old and yet new, and it brightens the spirits of all that experience our creations. It would honor me to delight you in this way, to lessen your load, as you frame it.

And yet I cannot leave my charges in the here and now. I will swear an Oath to return within a year, and aid you as I may, to discharge one hour of service, per person you graciously allow me to guide through your workshop. One hour as the mortal world reckons it! And if there be many hours, I must be allowed to rest my mortal frame!

You better than most know the wrong that was done to me here in Lutetia, and how it has never healed right. Mireilla tries to put on the most aggrieved and pained expression she can muster, but truthfully, her Lingering Injury troubles her.

(not sure if the glowing being is even amenable to Bargaining, but she is trying)