Treasure Chamber

Not quite a dungeon, but a hidden chamber intended to store a single book, using the spells below. The question being asked is two fold; does the book gain 2 Warp per year because there are two spells continuously running on it (and 8/yr for the circle itself for the same reason) or only one per year because it falls under the category of "being continuously under the influence of a mystical effect" and so quantity doesn't matter? Second, regardless of speed, this place and its contents are going to be warped after a century. What would you advise this place/tome should have as far as warp traits go when someone finally finds this place?

Preserve Tome
CrAn(TeHe) 15
R: Touch; D: Ring; T: Ind
As implied in the title, the book within is protected from the ravages of time, as easy to read two centuries from now as when the ink had just dried.
(Base 2 + 1 Touch + 2 Ring + 2 requisite)

Airy Lectern
ReAn 4
R: Touch; D: Ring; T: Ind
Within the area, a single tome is enchanted to treat whatever elevation it is placed at as the ground and not fall. It can be 'lifted' in any direction with as much effort as if laying upon the ground.
(Base 1 + 1 Touch + 2 Ring)

Circle of Summer Breeze
CrAu(Ig) 15
R: Touch; D: Ring; T: Circle
Modified version of the Chamber of Summer Breeze, used to keep a subterranean chamber clean.
(Base 1 + 1 Touch + 2 Ring + 2 unnatural + 1 Requisite)

Geode Spells
ReTe 25, ReHe 30, ReAq 20, ReAn 5
R: Touch; D: Ring; T: Circle
A series of wards to artificially create a subterranean chamber without concern for structural integrity, water, roots, insects, or other burrowing animals.

At the least the chamber should develop the "fastidious" personality trait, and want to keep itself and it's contents in perfect order. so any interlopers shoudl watch out.

It might start by "tidying up" various temporarily set aside possessions, and move onto trying to organize people in time.

It should also be very jealous of the book it is guarding, and consider all other books as beneath contempt - and thus ripe for recycling...


I'm not convinced the Geode spells would work to create the chamber. They might help maintain it, but there needs to be an appropriate space to be able to trace the circle. So you could use such wards to maintain a chamber (at least the hemisphere formed by the circle), but not to create it.

It was intended to be a summary. The maker made a hollow with some ReTe magic, or possibly inside an extant cavern, then drew out the circle and layered the Geode spells. Now one doesn't have to worry about cave-ins or other natural phenomenon messing with the contents of the chamber. The point of their existence is to make sure the area is preserved.

Regarding the Book itself, here are some suggestions:

  • Trait and effect related to the book content: an Ignem book is temperamental (snap on his reader fingers in disapproval, needs to be patted or treated to open to the right page) or increase passion and instinctive behaviour in his reader (depending for how long he has been reading the book), produce Ignem related effect (heat, light, but could also burn to the touch), an Imaginem book is never where it seems to be, has incredibly vivid pictures, makes reader dreamy, or send him down memory lane (and magus trying to remember something might be looking for this effect instead of the book content).
  • The book has been secluded for year, he developped a misanthropic character, cannot stand to be amongst other books, requires utmost silence when being read (keep in mind that at the time, reading was always done aloud, and I believe it takes a skill of +5 for silent reading - but it might be a distant memory from an past edition), induces misanthropic feeling into the reader, encouraging hermit-like behaviour
  • Aura of repulsion, same as above, but much more physical and less subtle: nothing can get close to it - fortunately Parma help, Penetration of the effect keeps increasing over time until this wonderful book becomes unreachable for anybody
  • The Immaculate Book, the book has the trait "Vain" (because of the Preserve Tome). The content is no of vain quality, but the book is convinced to be the best regarding his topic, he will try to destroy other books (using the ReAn side effect to move them towards candle and fire). He cannot be touched by untidy, dirty or even only unkempt person. He will fly out of range. He cannot be annoted, it will be defilling his body, so any notes, paper, markpages get destroyed as soon as the reader turn his back. Further attempt will upset the book who will resist being touch and open by such unfit character.
  • Synchronicity (from Airy Lectern): when the book is moved, all books within Voice range move the same, unless hold. The initial effect is now part of the book essence and is affecting any books within range.
  • "I am a leaf in the wind" (based on Circle of the Summer Breeze): the book is constantly floating and swirling like a leaf in the wind. Reader must catch him (with a butterfly net). If bound the book becomes morose and loose his colours, the writting becomes blurry, his quality drops. If nearby a window, he might fly away (to come back at night).