[Tribunal Politics] A call for ideas!

Hello there!

I'll be putting together a little Tribunal session akin to the Fallen Fane and the ideas put forth in Sub Rosa #5.

Basically, at this game session, folks will be playing representatives of the Big 5 Covenants of the Normandy Tribunal (the Great Lieges, as it were), with one politically minded player magus as the representative for the PC covenant, Via Umbrae.

What I'm looking for is sticky issues, things that will need some wheeling and dealing, and other things that might be shoehorned into such a session and be things that haggling, politicking, and vote trading might occur over.

ANY IDEAS you've used in old games, etc. would be welcome!
Any odd scenarios that might require a Tribunal vote or plea, etc. are welcome!

I've got a few, but I feel like I need some outside input and the creativity of the Ars community.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Here's an example of what I'm putting together:

One of my sagas had a Tremere apprentice do certamen with his parens as a public gauntlet. She then pulled out a queen of raw vis - no one knows from where - and ... botched. Sending just about anyone attending the tribunal to temporary twilight. (You may want to lower quantities and effect there). Now... did she win the certamen? The rules never stated "no vis", but it was assumed an apprentice won't have any if his master didn't give it to him. And since both participants went to temporary twilight, but the apprentice returned immediately - did she win? In-game (well, character background), the Infamous Master became also a Tormenting Master, and the Tremere tribune curiously didn't act in this matter.