Triggers for Magical Items

Hi all

I had a minor disagreement with my storyguide last night, and I was wondering what people thought. It doesn’t really matter as, in the end, my mage, Santiago Ex Flambeau, defeated his long-term enemy, the outlawed Fulgaria Ex Flambeau, in one on one combat to the death.

Halfway through the fight, Santiago dished a rather tasty critical strike with his cudgel that inflicted a heavy wound upon an already wounded foe. Earlier in the fight, Santiago had successfully cast a spell on Fulgaria that filled his mouth with dirt (a low level spell designed to impede an opponent’s casting). Fulgaria drank a healing potion at this point which healed all his wounds. However, my argument is that with a mouth full of dirt, he can’t have ‘drunk’ anything as he’d swallow dirt and choke if he did. Is the trigger of a potion putting the liquid to your lips and putting it in your mouth or the actual swallowing? Previously in the saga, we have allowed other characters to pour healing potions down unconscious character’s throat as a drinking trigger.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


(who is still rather smug after Santiago kicked Fulgaria’s ass… twice! :wink:)

But it all depends on how and what the trigger is defined as. And a healing potion? Since potions per se don't exist anymore, this would be what? A charged item (each charge represented by a single dose of the elixir) of CrCo? This would then be temporary, since healing for real requires vis, yes?
If the healing potion needs to be a life saver for someone out cold or in coma, it should only need to pass down the throat, and this should count as 'ingested', same goes for poisons.
And a mouthfull of dirt should be impeded by this, however:

Wouldn't the action of BOTH spitting out dirt (at least most) AND downing a shot of "Ol' Healer's Spirits" be within the scope of a single round? We're not talking a fast-paced one-second-round combat system here. Perhaps some sort of opposed Initiative/Quickness test would be appropriate to see what comes first - the killing blow, or the healing.

That’s exactly what it is, yes.

That seems fair to me. :slight_smile: