Trintion the colt

so what type of horse are you looking at? pony (LOM p.56)? riding horse? draught horse? noble warhorse? warhorse(LoM p.55)?

I was thinking more a nice, utilitarian/riding horse. Obviously they didn't exist at the time but along the lines of a Tennessee Walker... but a young buck who, if he weren't actually of human intelligence, would still need to be broken for riding. One possible idea is he was recently brought to the covenant in the hopes of breeding the mundane horses with his "unaffected by the gift" trait but I don't think he's quite at breeding age yet.

So a Palfrey in the thought of the time which, I guess, divided more in terms of type than breed. A high quality riding horse.

On second thought, I really like the pony idea.Was thinking of maybe making him affiliated with Terram and giving him some powers that make it difficult to keep him penned along with something like the surefootedness and good in rocky terrain of the base pony.

I’m thinking of giving him a power which allows him to unlock or unlatch doors. Is there a spell to unlock things anywhere that I can base it on?

I don't believe so- it would be rego terram- base 3 (move metal in a natural fashion) if it requires a finess roll, or base 4 if it does not.

Updated the sheet on wikidot with where he is at the moment. Still tooling around with characteristics so didn’t add those and only gave him the abilities listed for Rounceys. Need more flaws, can take more virtues, qualities, and inferiorities.

one point- for a magical entity, one level of age quickly gives a normal human lifespan. If you want something shorter you should take the flaw more than once.
second point- you still have Xene's background on Trintion.

Thanks. Will correct that second part soon as I get home in a few hours.

I assumed lifespan was normal for the sort of creature so 25-33 for a horse, if what I found on the internet was correct but I am also fine with a normal human span. forget how the math is supposed to work but know I saw it somewhere. Might take it again if I am hard up for more flaws but should be alright, just need to find them.

Found the animal aging rules. HoH:MC p42.

Assuming the 25-33 number I mentioned above is correct their average lifespan should be 29 but gonna use 30 because it’s simpler math.
Aging mod = 5/3 [50/30]
They’d start aging at 21 [35/(5/3)]
Add 1 to aging roll every 6 years [10/(5/3)]
And make 5/3 aging rolls per year... that’s the tough one.

Anyway, up to you how you want to deal with that, I’m fine either way.

I'm thinking there are 2 ways to go about this- I don't like the idea of simply imposing unpaid disadvantages on a character, so:

  1. take another level of age rapidly along with the minor virtue mild aging which should come up approximately accurate for the character
  2. give the horse a human lifespan, and assume this is due to its magical nature for this breed- given that many magical animals are immortal this seems completely reasonable.

I'll probably just do the human lifespan unless I'm really hard up for three flaw points. That said, he might try and lose that virtue via transformation if he gets a windfall of vis at some point (if those rules are being used, just made sense to not have him be an unchanging young horse).

I'm like 90% certain I messed something up or I'm forgetting something but I think Trintion is ready for the thumb of the Emperor... up or down?

Just dropping by to point out that doors were more commonly closed using wooden mechanisms, not metal at this time. Locks were extremely expensive and very rare as a consequence. Latches are much more usually wood than metal as well it would still be a Rego power though.

I was going to make a power that affected either metal or wood but ended up using the MuHe 5 spell from the core book that makes the whole door pliable enough to push it open whatever latched or barred with.

I believe this character needs to spend 5 more xp on abilities, since the 5xp for penetration came from improved powers

Check your math.
He should have 225 xp total
120 for Spring magical being
100 for taking Improved Abilities twice
5 for Penetration from spending a Mastery point

Checking both the wiki and my google character sheet this is what he comes to.

That is what he should come to from his advantages and qualities, but it is not what I get him adding up to, which is 220.
keep in mind that his first level of ability for animal ken is free as well...

values of abilities:
byzantine greek 30;animal handling 20;animal ken 45;athletics 75;awareness 15;brawl 30;penetration 5

Alright, that's what I was missing.

Can Magic Characters take Magic Lore? If so I'll put it in that. Else I'll give him a level of Leadership (horses).

according to the rules as written, magical animals and magic covenfolk do not get access to magic lore, but several examples in the book ignore than and take magic lore, which seems reasonable for magic entities, so I'm going to say yes.