Trivia skill?

I might have asked this before, but has anyone ever created the trivia skill? If it’s been asked before I apologize. If it hasn’t been asked before thanks in advance & how might it be built and/or used?

You might want to explain how you define "trivia".

The word comes from the Latin for "three roads", where housewives would discuss local gossip.
In which case it would be Area Lore (juicy gossip)

Note the juicy gossip is only a part of the local gossip discussed, leading to Area Lore.


Modern Day trivia is basically listening to the condensed knowledge of thousands of experts with their 10s of thousands hours of personal learning, via popular books, TV, and internet, and extracting nuggets of information (aka juicy gossip), without learning the underlying skills.
ie juicy gossip without the appropriate Area Lore.

Might be possible at a medieval university if you overheard students discussing what they learned.


Useless knowledge and fun facts is how I define trivia for this ability.

I suspect this is not so much an independent skill, but in ME would be the side effect of a combination of Virtues such as Gossip and Well Travelled or Social Contacts (travelling experts)

Impractical knowledge seems like it falls under Artes Liberales or Philosophiae (depending on the topic). Or area/organisation lore, as noted above.

Right, so we are looking for an ability which does not allow the character to do anything, only to state facts which very rarely prove useful. That's not an ability. It does not make the character able.

To me, this is just roleplaying. Mechanically a personality trait.

OK, maybe you are looking for a mechanical excuse to feed the character fun facts that somebody else in the group could exploit. I am not sure that's a good idea, since it disrupts the flow of play, but it is probably what you have in the «Common Sense» virtue already.

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If you definitely need a skill, perhaps Guile with a focus on pretending to be an expert by dropping such trivially useless facts that only a complete expert should know them.

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I would "reskin" the Minor Story Flaw "Visions" as "Trivia" (parts in bold replace text from the Visions Flaw):

"You often know surprisingly obscure facts about the widest variety of topics. Your knowledge may warn you of dangers to come, or involve you in matters you would otherwise avoid. What you know, and how relevant it might be to the situation at hand, is purely at the storyguide’s discretion, and reveals only what he wants to reveal."


as long as you do not treat it as a `supernatural virtue' ...