Troll, Norwegian style :)

Just want to share the trailer for an upcoming Norwegian movie. It's set in modern times, but it might be very good inspiration for some Ars Magica sagas nontheless, especially those set in northern Mythic Europe. It's a "mockumentary" in the style of Blair Witch Project about the search for trolls in the Norwegian wilderness. Looks like great fun. :smiley: ... re=related


AWESOME!! :smiley: It seems that there are trolls and also GIANTS up there!! Wohoo!


Yes, and the film will go international too. It premiers in Norway on the 29th, so I'm really looking forward to it. :slight_smile:
Trolls in Norwegian myths come in all shapes and sizes, and turn to stone in sunlight (or UV light, as they use as a weapon in this film, it seems). The giant in the trailer is based on the myth of "Dovregubben" (The Mountain King). It's from the story of Peer Gynt, and from this famous piece of music: ... ntain_King

Also, check this cool picture: ... 6292_2.jpg




Oh goodness... And why do i get a feeling of a "maximum action scenes added" Professor Drövels vibes? :mrgreen:

Of course! These: are also called jättekast, ie ~giant throws as a way for how the boulders ended up so far from mountains.
And you might want a look at:

Mmm. Just saw it. Sat smiling all along. Nice nods to several old folktales and nursery rhymes about trolls along the way. Much recommended. ( )

Not a all action all the time movie. Surprisingly respectful.