True Faith and Divine Initiations

RoP:D explicitly mentions that a number of traditions initiate their members into mystical Divine Virtues. For the details, one is referred to the initiations in TMRE.

But TMRE and HMRE tell us that initiations affecting Gifted and Ungifted operate under different rules. Note that True Faith allows one to learn Divine supernatural abilities just like the Gift allows one to learn Magic supernatural abilities. It is then natural to ask whether, for Divine initiations, characters with True Faith follow the magical initiation rules for Gifted characters (and viceversa, whether Gifted characters without True Faith follow the magical initiation rules for the unGifted).

For example, can unGifted characters with True Faith self-initiate into Divine Virtues?
(I'd point out that I have neither The Cradle and the Crescent, nor The Church, so I have no clue if the answer's there).

The Church has a lot of stuff about initiating Divine virtues as I recall.
Noble's Parma on the unGifted, but that's where I'd look first.

I think...

You can learn the Divine Supernatural Abilities if you have True Faith, but you must take the Virtues if you want to start the game with them. Once play starts, if your True Faith character can find a willing teacher then they can learn what they like (normal Study Total rule apply).

Without True Faith, you need the appropriate Virtue in order to gain a Divine Supernatural Ability, and that's where initiation comes in.

According to HMRE, unGifted characters may not self-initiate.

Since True Faith is, effectively, The Gift with a Divine alignment I'd probably allow such a character to utilize the rules in TMRE, but Noble's parma on what TC or TC&TC have to say on the matter...

As previously mentioned, however, "The Church" includes several ways for characters to acquire new Holy virtues...

The Church has pilgrimages and mysticism - which are basically self initiations using Dominion rather than Magic, as far as I can tell.

But they are only for Christians.

I was looking for the initiation rules for a Jewish Kabbalist, which RoP:D revised says match those from TMRE. And now that I have tCatC, the rules for Mobeds there also appear to match the TMRE initiations... save that no mention is made on whether you should substitute True Faith for the Gift (and viceversa) when looking at "unGifted" initiations of Divine Virtues.

The more I think about it, the more I guess I'll stick to the rules as written. True Faith allows you to learn from a teacher, but self-initiation belongs to the Gift.