True Faith in your Sagas

More to the point, how have you used it/seen it used in combat or similar situations?

One of our grogs has TF and was basically a vampire hunter before we ever met him (including an Enemies Flaw), and his basic schtick is that the combination of reading Dracula as non-fiction , an appropriately loaded shotgun, and his faith have kept him alive.

The whole troop has 100% buy-in on the idea and likes Herbert Mason as a character. I'm just concerned I'm not sure how to properly handle what we've built up if it becomes applicable in a scene when he's on-screen, so to speak. As I'm the most experienced SG in the group (with this system), I'd appreciate any help in making sure I've got my ducks in a row if/when it comes up.

I like to be generous with conditional virtues, as mot of the time they've spent virtue points for nothing, so when it kicks in, it has to have bonus value.

True Faith, means this person is a vessel god works through. In a situation ask yourself, would god want to help out, (in the context of a world setting where god does intervene at times). Anything that is anathema to god, Undead, Demons, Diabolists, etc, the guy with the faith gets some help.

To go in to the mechanics, in these encounters, you could contemplate the following and choose all or none.

  1. he can't be surprised.
  2. Allow a reroll once a turn in a combat.
  3. Wounds and fatigue penalties are 1 penalty level less.
  4. 3 points of defence
  5. if the enemy needs special items to hurt them, whatever it is meant to be, silver, wooden stake, blessed weapon, his weapons can hurt them anyway.
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Those are all great suggestions and I'm embarrassed to admit I hadn't thought of any of them in the context of the True Faith virtue. The subtlety is in keeping with how the Christian faith manifests most of the time in The Dresden Files series that is such a heavy influence on our saga.

Hey, all.

I just wanted to report back that I got a chance to implement the True Faith mechanics suggested by @Fishy in this weekend's game. Red Court vampire made a sneak attack from the dropped ceiling in a building, insta-killing one grog and then retreating back upwards.

Bolstered by the power of his faith, Herbert Mason was the first to react and (with a +3 to hit a fully concealed target from TF), he killed the abomination with a single slug from his shotgun.

The rest of the troupe approved the resemblance to the Dresden Files. We also coined a new phrase when calling for backup from the covenant: any time we find a new vampire infestation now, it is a "Code Stoker".