True love: an arcane connection?

I have noticed that the familiar bond is classed as an arcane connection, while a familial connection is a sympathetic connection.

Is true love potentially an arcane connection (perhaps in need of integration) and if so, is it also duration 'permanent' like the familiar bond?

One of the ex Misc traditions in HoH: S (Cult of Orpheus) possess a virtue that lets them affect a target they have strong feelings toward regardless of any intervening geographical distance so it may already be integrated into Hermetic theory (at least partially).

Edit: Oh yeah, the Amazon Sorceresses can do something like this too, with their 'range' modifiers being, effectively, states of emotional closeness.

A Familiar is, in one sense, a magic item created by the mage. They spent (at least) a full season enchanting the animal in the lab.

Emotional bonds such as family ties and love, have no "magic" involved (per se), but are strong on an entirely different level. So those two are not equatable.

However, an AC can be such simply by being "very closely associated" to the other thing. If a SG were to allow it, that is why it would be.

(Note that "being a part of something" would not be an appropriate argument imo. While two True Lovers do claim "that they are one, and inseparable, a part of each other" etc., it would be sophism to claim that since the language uses the same words and phrases, the poetic language of love and the language of an object physically divided are therefore literally the same. The association may be there, but not because "one is/was (once) a part of the other".

In order for that to be true, the two "True Lovers" would have to be "divided" into 2 parts - and the language of love claims they are inseparable, still one no matter the distance. And AC's are not relevant on a single, indivisible target.

Now, I suppose that if somehow that love were broken, then they could be claimed to "once have been the same, but now are not" - but then we have to ask if the love were ever True or not...) :wink:

Sure, go ahead, experiment with something that has been known to throw off otherwise unstoppable mind-control.

I'll, uh, just be studying in my bunker, I mean, underground lab while you do that, k?


What, so breaking someone's heart gives your enemies a method by which to attack you with impunity? Sure, let's give Magi even more reasons to be alone their whole lives.

Remember said connection works in reverse too, you are an arcane connection to that person.

Of course, that leads to the quaisitor who has to question why the suspect is supposedly murdering all of his ex girlfriends? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with this, on the basis that if true love made people one, marriage between them would not be necessary, and note the religious belief at the time that people who were married were joined, and made one flesh. (Mark 10:8) "And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh." See also Genesis 2:24.

True Love, like pretty much anything with True in front, radiates from the Divine, and as such is known to do impossible things. Casting spells at active miracles, is not good for the scientific method.

I must admit, my first thought was that it would be protected, like a babtismal name.
But then, the divine confuses me at times.


I think I will glue this to the SG screen to remind the troupe of the effects of the Gift

Perhaps. But the divine tends to only object when hermetic magic tries to interfere with it. If someone kidnaps a magus' true love, and the magus uses that true love connection to locate or even rescue them, it wouldn't surprise me if the divine not only didn't object, but actively assisted the magus.

I like the idea that True Love is Divine, and so exempt from (Hermetic) magical use as an AC. It not only makes (some) sense, but it dodges the issue of going in to a deeper explanation of why/not.