Turn-around time for Forum Registration

What is the expected response time to get a new User registration approved and the UserName account activated?

Do I remember something about "a weekly cleaning, since there are so many spambots applying for membership" or something?

Registration in question was made Monday, and today is Thursday- no response as yet. It was a Latin mage name, with personal and Ars info in the various appropriate slots, so it should not have been mistaken for a spambot.

(If delays are unavoidable, maybe a comment to that effect should be added in the registration process? Maybe emphasized in the confirmation message, at the end of the registration wizard?)

Turnaround time on registrations and on applications to join the Play by Post usergroup are both 1 hour max now. Our Webmaster Wendy set up a script to do it automatically.

The most frequent reason for delayed registrations is that the user forgot to put NOT A BOT in the Interests field of his application. If that's not there, our script will delete the registration. If this happened to you, you can just re-apply with the same email and info and it should go through fine as long as you remember the NOT A BOT statement.

Sorry for the trouble!


Are you serious? :open_mouth:

Thanks for the reply and the heads up, but I don't remember seeing that little detail anywhere in the reg form! :confused:

I'll pass that along.