turning a staff in serpent

Hi all
Enora filia Fusta, who is apprentice to my Flambeau is specialist of herbam
She would like to create, when finish her apprenticeship a staff that could turn partially into serpent...

I don't see guideline for turning herbam thing into animal (MuHe(An)

I was thinking about taking the guideline animal to herbam so base 10
+1 of compulsory requisite : 15
+1 for touch
+1 for diameter
+1 for part
It would be MuHe(An)30

what do you think?

If I add a rego requisite to make sure the serpent does not attack me, does it give a new +1 requisite?
I have difficulties to remember when you add the +1 requisite or not

Muto Animal , page 118
Level 10: Change an animal into a plant (requires an Herbam requisite).

Muto Herbam , page 137

The level 04 guideline is one magnitude higher , with a Terram requisite.
So changing a staff into a serpent would be level 04 with an Animal requisite.

Level 20
R: Touch , D: Diam , T: Part

Changes either end of a wooden staff into a serpent , which will strike where the caster directs.
The caster chooses which end at the time of casting.
Damage done is as the same as for Dance of the Staves (page 138) , +04 ,
but can strike once each combat round for the duration of the spell.
If the serpent does poison damage , an Aquam requisite is needed.

Base 04 , +01 Touch , +01 Diameter , +01 Part , +01 Rego , +0 Animal

Add +01 for the requisite if it does something other than provide the Technique or Form.
Rego controls the serpent , so +01
Animal allows the spell to work and does nothing else , so +0.

That's my interpretation anyway , others may prove me wrong.
It is obviously easier to change plants into animals , than the reverse.

thanks for that reply

in that logic, if I add an aquam requisite for poison, as it had something, I have to add 1 magnitude... isn't it?

or is it just like "animal" it is a poisonous serpent so aquam doesn't cost anything?

Yes , as the requisite does something , in this case , poison damage.

thanks for quick reply :slight_smile:

how to calculate poison dammage?

IMO, you should use the ideas behind the guidelines from CrAq.
With a +1 requisite, you have a light wound with a 3 ease factor.

Then, for each requisite, you can upgrade level of wound or the ease factor by 3.

So, with a +9 requisite, you can have a poison killing (+4) with an ease factor of +15.

Edit: a problem you will have to face, your "snake" staff will have to penetrate any MR when hitting. Doing it a magic item could allow you to use the +2 penetration by 1 point of labtotal advantage (in comparison with plain spells). Doing it in a talisman could be even better (and really thematic).

I'm not sure on using Animal to create a naturally poisonous snake for the staff.
You probably need to add a magnitude anyway , if you are using Muto rather than Creo to do so.
If the wood of the staff was naturally poisonous , you could allow it , with no increase in magnitude.

I could take a poisonous wood yes

do you think that the serpent cannot be poisonous if the wood is not? it would limitate the transformation...

but here I add one magnitude for aquam requisite...

and if the wood is poisonous the requisite should be free and spell "mute" the wood in serpent and the vegetal poison into serpent's poison...

which wood could be used?

my character has a focus in wood...

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strychnos_ignatia has seeds that provide poison.
It would not be too much of a stretch to have a wooden staff from such a tree provide venom for a serpent transformation.
Not sure about what trees , apart from Oleander are poisonous , otherwise.

I feel that doing poison damage requires at least in increase in magnitude from somewhere , even on the base guideline.

it is a powerful poison
so you would add a magnitude for aquam and a magnitude for damage?

a tree that I can find in mythic europe is the yew

giving as bonus :
+4 to death
+3 to decay

so if I make a yew staff as my talisman...

and now continue thinking about using herbam in attack... I guess she will join the herbam flambeau maga in rhine tribunal for some times before going to hibernian tribunal (she was raised in Irlande by her father)

+01 magnitude from Aq to make the attack poisonous
+01 magnitude for each increase in poison damage ease factor as ExarKun explained

If you know a Verditius Mage , who will make your staff an Item of Quality (page 124 , HoH: Mystery Cults) ,
then you could have a permanent bonus of +04 to any roll that causes Death (or Decay , you only get one).
The staff could still be enchanted as a Talisman , as this does not make the staff a magic item.

Staff of the Hydra
Level 30
R: Touch , D: Diam , T: Part , Group

Branches either end of a wooden staff into 10 separate sections which then transform into serpents ,
these will strike where the caster directs.
The caster chooses which end at the time of casting.

Damage done is as the same as for Dance of the Staves (page 138) , +04 ,
each serpent can strike once each combat round for the duration of the spell.
If the serpent does poison damage , an Aquam requisite is used.
For a wooden staff made of a naturally poisonous material , no requisite is needed.
Poison damage will be as per the Aquam guidelines on page 121

Base 04 , +01 Touch , +01 Diameter , +01 Part , +02 Group , +01 Rego

Not sure if this is a wholly proper way to do this spell , so i hope someone will correct me if it is wrong.

nice, even better with multiple snake' heads... that gives a good effect... I feel as soon as she is a bit better in her magical arts, she will instill that effect in her future talisman she has not yet prepared...

just remember to install some penetration with that

yes, it would be good idea, you are right :slight_smile:

I will see when hibernian tribunal will come by atlas game, as she will play there... we stop playing her at the end of her apprenticeship in 1243

I hope hibernia will come soon...