Turning into a Jinn?

So - in my game a plot point is that Serapis, the old God of Alexandria has turned in a forgotten, Starving God. Being a big fan of TC&TC, when the PCs met him, he has been stuck and bound to his Temple in a Magic Regio where he can maintain himself. He wishes to escape by turning into a Jinn, and has promised the PCs vague and nebulous but a substantial reward should they be able to do so.

What I simply cannot think of,is, in game, how would that work?

Is he faerie or magic? Faerie is fairly straightforward. Magic impossible.

Other than the semantic, what's the difference between a Faerie Jinn and any other faerie?

Their story, obviously.

Rather than ask us, why not let your players figure it out? They can come up with an idea, and depending on how open you are with your players, either tell them that such a thing is or isn't plausible, or let them try and decide based on their actions and successes whether their plan succeeds or not without them actually knowing until the moment of truth.

The answer is that he is already a jinn, but his belief that he is a god has robbed the knowledge from him. His hubris has robbed him of the memory of his true past...

I like this answer very much.

Ok - I'll tell my PCs that. Probably turn it into a plot hook - some secret knowledge that can only be found in the Library of Serapis - an annex of the Library of Alexandria... mwahahhahahahaa.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: