Turning one finished item into another temporarily

What would it require to turn one finished item into another of similar mass?
For example transforming a metal shield into a metal breastplate or a large staff (wood with metal fittings) into a shield of wood with metal fittings? (It's almost certainly MuTe and MuHe(Te) obviously, but in terms of spell level guidelines)

Base 4 for Terram (Base 2 change dirt into another type of natural earth, +2 metal) and base 3 for Herbam, I believe.

Difficult question since almost all muto terram spells and guidelines are concerned with the material and not with the shape. There are a few exceptions, like the Edge of the Razor which uses base 3. Now, you can argue that base 3 is needed because the edge becomes unnaturally sharp, but I would also argue that it is unnatural for a shield to become a breastplate. and even more unnatural (base 4) for the shield to become a weapon. Thus I think that the base 2 that @RafaelB suggests is too liberal, but the case is not clear cut.

Extra magnitudes for metal must be added in any case.

It also raises the question if this is really craft magic, and should require a finesse roll like Rego craft magic. The answer is probably no, since Rego craft magic depends on a natural change, only replicating what a mundane crafter could do.

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Maybe if I take the safe approach and use ReHe(Te) Base 3: Change dirt so that it is slightly unnatural (+2 for Metal/Wood) +1 for finesse to change a staff into a shield.
Touch (+1), Concentration (+1), Individual
Lv 20?

Base 3 might be supported by Muto Animal by comparison. MuAn base 5 can both change an animal into another or make a minor unnatural change in an animal.

The the main arts of the spell should be highest baseline, so it's actually a MuTe(He) spell.
EDIT: 3 is not greater than 3, so... But I'd argue the +2 Metal makes Terram the primary Form.

Personally I see no reason for finesse.

Then you should look at the MuHe(Te) 4 guideline

Change a plant or item made from plant products into metal or stone (Terram requisite).

Interestingly, metal is already covered without the +2. To me this would change the wooden staff into a metal (or stone) staff. I would add one magnitude to change the shape (into shield) as well.

The +2 is required anyway if he wants to cast MuTe on metal (such as, metal shield into breastplate).

Humm... I'll also take the chance to point that breastplates are still anachronistic in 1220, if I recall correctly.

EDIT: Are we talking one spell that can affect any metal or wood (or metal+wood) object? Or two distinct spells, one for metal, another for wood+metal? Just noticed the original post seems to imply the second...

Sure, but not if he casts MuHe(Te) on a wooden shield.

A metal shield, in reality, I think would be a wooden shield with metal reinforcement, and this is where it gets tricky. Should he use the MuHe(Te) 4 guideline with no extra for metal or the MuTe 3 guideline with He requisite and +2 for metal? Never mind, I would add +1 to MuHe(Te) 4 to change the shape as well as the material so it works out the same.

I have no idea, but I think the problem is quite hard enough working on only one case at a time. If it is intended for arbitrary materials, the form is Terram I think, to represent its solidity as one of the four elements. There is solid presedence for using Terram in this role.

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Yes I wanted a spell that would only change between two specific forms, a metal shod staff and a metal rimmed curved oval shield.

I didn't want to confuse the issue, but for full context, I am going for a set of Talisman enchantments.
I was already going to use a version of the spell: Wood that neither bends nor breaks (Pg 51 MoH), so I am not too concerned about the durability.

The concept is to have a very utilitarian staff which has both the ability to shrink to the size of a pencil (Object of decreased size) or grow to the size of a log (Object of increased size) as needed.

Add a ReHe(Te) that allows it to fly.

Changing its shape would allow it to appear as a shield broach or a wand (If small), a normal shield or staff (if normal sized, which could be ridden like a witch's broom) and a log or something like a large coracle to carry other people on.


If the wood is not becoming metal in the end, then I think the baseline should stay at 3. A Te requisite might be required, but no extra magnitude IMO.

MuHe(Te) Base 3, Personal (since it's for affecting itself), +1 Conc, requisite free? Plus the required levels to increase uses, keep concentration, etc.

Personal range is the lowest possible range, it shouldn't add anything.

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You are right. I should grab a cup of coffee...