Twilight story Idea needed

Had a player double botch while casting MEO (like DEO) in the magic realm. The bad part was that she hit her familiar instead of the intended target. She then toally disappeared.
If we go by the core book she'll have comprehended and will be in a season.
If we use the RoM book other things could happen.
Having already been in twilight many times (has a 6 warping score), and having been taken through a part of the void by a guide. It's likely she'll be able to make a connection on where she is.

This gives the possibility of trying to find her own way out (or find a guide to lead her), what happens when the twilight episode passes and she would normally be returned, since she may have found a way back by then.

I once ran an Al Capone crossover as a twilight story (one evening adventure - the other characters were in the episode as well, but they didn't get xp for what they did there but I just decided that their real medieval life had taken a few lucky turns for compensation).

The basic idea - taking modern times - is from Star Trek (with a bit of sliders added). My players loved it because it was so exotic - and it took them a while to understand that guns are not magical and cars are no monsters. It was very relaxing to just forget about the niceties of Medieval history for once and go for something completely - odd.
They had to steal a magical artifact from Al Capone.

My point is - twilight adventures are a great chance for a one time alternate setting without empowering the characters or messing up the Middle Ages.

We watched "The Visitors" over the weekend, a film I would recommend to anyone playing in a medieval-themed rpg.

But on topic, if I remember right, time doesn't necessarily exist in the Magic Realm, and that things don't change once they have entered a boundary, the Twilight Void, or the proper Magic Realm. The Temporary Twilight experience might last a season, but to the "trapped" magus, it might only seem like a second. Perhaps it's like being asleep. Once I fall asleep, I have no idea how much time passes, I just know how much time past once I wake up and look at the clock.

That said, making a Temporary Twilight an adventure is a grand idea, especially for a magus who regularly falls into it. The Magic Realm is thick with ideas for such an adventure, too. Getting out early might be problematic, to my mind, because it could be abused. I've discovered that most players (well, my players) hate passing time when they can't be in the lab. They maximize their schedule so that adventures fit into the ten days off they are allowed each season. If I offered a way to get out of Temporary Twilight early, I can see my players trying to capitalize on it, so that they don't miss any lab time.

So, my personal take is, "yes" to adventures, "no" to a quick way out, and "heck yeah" to cross-overs.


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