Twillight/warping in TtA

Just curious, is there errors in the calculations for twillight points in TtA regarding to the Warpuing levels. According to the Main book you get warping 1 at 5 twiight points and level 2 at 15. But in TtA it is calculated for the cost to raise Arts.

Or am I just not awake?

By the way, it was a fantastic book and I loved reading about them. My favourite were the greek ex-misc oracles

Could you give us page references? Because that's not what I see at all?

twilight replaces warping

when it occurs that is, not completely.

Ah, after looking at it i concluded that there are no calculations, the number in the parantesis are the "xp2 to next warping level.

It is almost 90 F here, I do not think straight.

That's the ones I saw as well.

You have my sympathies. My brain shuts down at rather lower temperatures. I can only imagine how much of a vegetable I'd be at 90 F, as I'm unlikely to remember it.

here it routinely gets over 100 F

... no offence to your homecountry, but I'm so happy I don't live there.
Here, it's in the 75-80 F range right now, and I'm barely sentient. Admittedly the air is humid, but still.

Summer (especially august) it gets above 100 a few days each year, the rest of the summer is in the 90's
Winter gets into the single digits each year. I've seen it get as low as -15 F
We have a saying "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute"
And the occasional tornado just to keep things interesting.

But it isn't the entire country, just a few states that get this kind of weather.